Suzuki Alto Works: Reader's Car of the Week

Appealing car though it is, the lead times for the VW Up GTI - apparently anything up to a year for a new example - have put some potential buyers off. One of those prospective purchasers was PHer 'mhr1294' - otherwise known as Martin - who, fed up in July at waiting for an Up, "went crazy" in his own words and imported a Suzuki Alto Works - bravo.

A name surely familiar to many from Gran Turismo, this Alto Works' spec reads exactly how you might expect: 660cc three-cylinder turbo, 64hp, permanent four-wheel drive, minimal kerbweight (720kg) and, of course, Recaro seats. Oh yes, and a red turbo symbol that "glows more intensely red as boost increases" - very good!

As a man who also owns a 106 Rallye - see the engine capacity in his username - Martin is a man familiar with small, light, fast cars. He describes the Alto as "like a 106 with full roll cage and a B12 pro suspension kit". Indeed it's said to be equally as irritating as that car on a motorway, too, with a lack of sixth gear proving irksome. Despite that, Martin is certainly enjoying the Alto, and has plans for more performance from the Suzuki over the coming months. We can't wait to hear what happens - congratulations on a very cool purchase!

Read the full thread here.

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