Toyota GT86: PH Videoblog

Even five years after its launch, few cars divide opinion like the Toyota GT86. To some it's terribly underpowered, rather overpriced and not much to look at. To others it's a return to a simpler time of performance cars, where you relied on revs and well timed gear changes for performance and the limits were lower.

Typically the PH editorial team falls on the latter side of the argument, because we're quite old-fashioned really. Sure, it has some flaws - which Dan will discuss in this video - but then no car is perfect...

You may have seen Dan's Blyton lap already; here he drives the car on the road and discusses the MY17 changes in more detail. Basically, if you thought it didn't look much different, there's much more to it than meets the eye!

Watch the video here.

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  • Baddie 06 Apr 2017

    Do you like to drink smaller amounts of finer, more balanced wine, or larger quantities of plonk? More wine = more high followed by a bigger hangover.

    Most modern cars are too fast to enjoy in modern road conditions, turbos, fat tyres and aids blunt the nuances of the experience so are not particularly fine to drive slowly either. I don't want a diesel automatic 3 series that gets to 60 in less than 5 seconds, I want the clotted cream howl of an e36 328i.

    GT86 seems only a musical engine note away from perfection.

    Of course, lots of very fine wine would be nice too...

  • mikey P 500 06 Apr 2017

    Good review, spent Monday driving my pre facelift gt86 round Bedford autodrome (a circuit with quite a bit of run off) and would totally agree with your opinions of it being fun, and providing options of how you drive it, neat lines or messing around both good fun on circuit.

  • great_kahn 06 Apr 2017

    Nobody is buying your car, so you change nothing and expect it to sell?

  • WCZ 06 Apr 2017

    drove one, felt slow on the road and very slow on track - out accelerated on straights by £2k clio 172's

  • V8 TEJ 06 Apr 2017

    No body buying them?

    According to this there are over 5200 of them on the UK roads alone.

    It also seems to be quite a capable car on track and not as slow people like to think. 131.3 on this list..

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