TRD goes to town on new Supra

We knew TRD parts were coming for the new Supra. We knew because it's precisely the sort of thing that Toyota Racing Development's employees are paid to dream up. And because they told us earlier in the year. Now, off the back of an official enthusiast gathering to celebrate the Supra's return to the JDM, it has finally put some meat on the bones of what was previously a sketched teaser.

The meat in this case is made from carbon fibre, which has been cunningly woven into a variety of aerodynamic-enhancing ancillaries. Except for the 20-spoke, 19-inch wheels of course, which are forged aluminium and very fetching indeed.

The subjective appeal of the rest you can decide for yourself. For our money, the side skirts and duckbill spoiler look rather good, although there is a huge amount of canarding (definitely a word) going on when you stand back.

There are other sacrifices, too. The three-piece front splitter shaves 14mm from the Supra's ground clearance and the door inserts block off the side intakes (although apparently they are only included to feed air to future aftermarket modifications anyway, and the standard Supra is more than capable of surviving without them).

Nevertheless, the bits are not just for show; save for the mirror caps, TRD claims increased downforce and reduced lift from its glossy efforts. Which is appropriate because it's been suggested that the price for the whole lot is almost certain to run into five figures.

You won't have to worry about that just yet though as a) the Supra has only just landed in Europe, and b) the TRD parts are, at the very least, a long way behind having only just launched in Japan. We'd imagine the US is on the list next. Unless you fancy buying from a Japanese distributor and having them shipped to Blighty, of course. But we'd wait until the tuner unveils the truly massive rear spoiler that you can absolutely guarantee it is also working on...


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  • Hot Knife 20 May 2019

    But when will there be an engine that lives up to the Legend of Supra?

  • Engelberger 20 May 2019

    That looks like something Kahn would do. Turn an already ugly car into an ugly car for rich chavs.

    No thanks.

  • poo at Paul's 20 May 2019

    fake air ducts?

    Does look a bit crap

  • Leggy 20 May 2019

    Makes BMW’s version look better!

  • Colonel D 20 May 2019

    I don't think there's much they can do with the styling to make it look better or more distinguished from a Z4. The Supra just looks like an ugly kit on a Z4, now with added carbon bits.

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