911 GT2 RS Road America lap record: Update!

You'll remember a few weeks back Porsche claimed a production car lap record at Road America with the 911 GT2 RS, which you can view below. Now, as part of one of the more interesting US road trips that ever there's been, it's done just the same thing at Road America.

David Donohue was driving, setting a 2:15.17 around the four-mile track on the new Michelin Cup 2 R N0 tyre. And, well, that's about all you need to know. That same unimpeachable composure and searing speed is familiar from the Atlanta lap (including nearly 180mph down the main straight here), the apparent friendliness of the car as impressive as the outright performance.

This time, though, Porsche has also filmed the GT3 RS lap; as well as being just three seconds slower at 2:18.57, despite giving away 200hp and more than 200lb ft of torque, it means there's another opportunity to experience that 9,000rpm flat-six. And that's well worth doing. They're both available for you to peruse below, of course; but if we to watch just one, there'd be no contest...



ORIGINAL STORY, 27/03/2019:
Road Atlanta is one of the great old school tracks, the sort that thrill and excite but also bite very hard when things go wrong. Located in the hills of Hall County, about 50 miles northeast of Atlanta itself, the track has fast, flowing and undulating corners that require big commitment from a driver. Don’t attack its Esses, for example, and speed is compromised on the following straight, but go at them too hard and the concrete walls are all too close.

This outcome might have sat quite high up the risk assessment form of whoever gave the green light for Porsche to time its 911 GT2 RS at Road Atlanta. But then again, there are few better locations this side of the Nurburgring to demonstrate a supercar’s pace and poise. So it was to the American circuit that the German marque took its latest 911 flagship for another lap record feat, with esteemed racer Randy Pobst entrusted with threading it around the 2.5-mile course as quickly as possible.

This is a lap you will want to immerse yourself in; widescreen monitor and headphones should be mandatory equipment before you click the play button. Pobst, a 61-year-old former GT racing champion, knows his way around the GT2 RS and Road Atlanta very well, and the onboard shows how confidently he encourages all 700hp to help him along. We know first-hand how effective the fastest 991.2 model is at mixing tremendous speed with wonderful adjustability and predictability, but the way Pobst pushes all traits to their limits makes for brilliant viewing. And a new lap record.

So get the kettle on and watch one of the finest supercars in the world nudge past 170mph and pull 1.7G on one of the best driver's circuits out there. We look forward to the next one...


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Comments (17) Join the discussion on the forum

  • RacerMike 27 Mar 2019

    Decent lap, but looks a lot more steady than the 'Ring laps. But then it might just be Randy's driving style! He seems to make a habit of casually resting his left arm on the door which always amuses me!

  • unsprung 27 Mar 2019

    PH article said:
    Located in the hills of Hall Country
    it's Hall County, actually

    no R

    the selection of the track at Road Atlanta is also convenient for Porsche, which maintains its North American headquarters -- a vast $100-million campus cum experience centre -- in Atlanta



  • Ares 27 Mar 2019

    1.7g.... Wow... Just wow.

  • RacerMike 27 Mar 2019

    Ares said:
    1.7g.... Wow... Just wow.
    Absolute peak....sustained it's about 1.3-1.5 which is mega for a road tyre.

  • C.MW 28 Mar 2019

    RacerMike said:
    Decent lap, but looks a lot more steady than the 'Ring laps. But then it might just be Randy's driving style! He seems to make a habit of casually resting his left arm on the door which always amuses me!
    Yes, I think Randy's driving style is to put fluidity above all. Looks more stable than the Ring lap but going by the vid it still wags its tail a bit more than it should under full braking. I only tried a gt3 and that was one of my complaints about that car along with pedal placement not ideal for heel and toe (maybe it's my foot) and the gearing that's too long to be considered a track car's.

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