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Porsche 911 Speedster goes on sale in UK

Got Β£211,599 to spare? We know the perfect place to invest it...

By PH Staff / Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Okay, okay - we already knew this to be the on-sale date of the limited-edition and last-of-the-991 Porsche 911s. But now there are a bucketload of lovely pics- and a video, naturally - and we couldn't resist sharing. Also, there is confirmation of the exact price - which is £211,599 including VAT; and of the exact power - which is 510hp - making it second only to the GT3 RS in the 4.0-litre pecking order.

That output has been achieved despite the introduction of two particulate filters which were necessary to comply with the Euro 6d TEMP emissions standard. The UK-specific press release suggests that 4.0 seconds is the official 0-62mph time (3.8 seconds was previously claimed) although we won't hold the marginal difference against Porsche given its laudable retention of the six-speed manual gearbox.

The manufacturer also reveals that the convertible compartment lid with its double-bubble headrest cowls is a single piece of carbon fibre reinforced plastic - and the largest and most complex component it has used in a road-going model thus far. The process of opening and closing it sounds interesting (it's part electrical, part manual) but we'll get into that when we have a go - which is due to happen imminently.

Much else you already know. There will be 1,948 units globally and production will kick off in the summer. If you're lucky enough to be among the few, a unique badge on the cross structure behind the front seats will tell you which serial number belongs to your car. Oh and if you want the Heritage Design package pictured, that'll be £15,302 including VAT...

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