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Porsche 917-001 meets Concorde: Time For Tea?

Two legends of automotive and aviation turn 50 this year- here driver and pilot discuss why they're so special

By Matt Bird / Thursday, April 11, 2019

On April 9th 1969, a Concorde prototype set off on its first flight - from Filton Airfield in Bristol, no less. From then until October 2003, it broke records, captured imaginations and redefined 20th century air travel - before retiring with no direct replacement.

It was the same year, the same month in fact, that the first Porsche 917 began its development process ahead of the Le Mans 24 Hours. Like the plane, the 917 established a level of speed and performance previously unknown, and - like Concorde - continues to fascinate enthusiasts decades later.

What better opportunity, then, given those events were 50 years ago, to get Concorde and 917-001 together. This Porsche video has been published today, featuring 1970 Le Mans winner Richard Attwood talking Captain Tim Orchard - Concorde pilot, and joint record older for the shortest commercial flight between New York and London, at 2hr 52m - around the legendary racer. Naturally the favour is returned, the Concorde in this video the last one ever to be flown; 'Alpha-Foxtrot' completed 6,045 flights in total, and now lives at Aerospace Bristol, a fitting resting place given it's where the Concorde story began.

It'll come as little surprise to find that this is an immensely watchable video, two esteemed gents sharing stories and experiences of amazing machines. Combined with period footage of the plane from the glory days, it's difficult not come across a tad emotional at what an achievement Concorde really was. The only real shame is there's maybe not as much 917 in there - see here to address that issue...


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