Techart "custom refinement" for 992 911

The Porsche configurator is a thing of wonderment, all manner of paint, material and metal possibilities on offer for your new 911, Boxster, Cayman, Macan, Cayenne, Panamera or Taycan. It almost seems like the sky's the limit but, of course, the sky is just the start for some customers. That's where Techart's latest range of products for the 992 can come in.

Described as an "entire world" of enhancements, Techart's wares for the new 911 include engine and exhaust upgrades, interior tweaks, aerodynamic work, suspension and forged wheels.

The Aerokit is perhaps the most notable addition, comprised of the five-piece front spoiler, the air intakes, side skirts, rear spoiler and diffuser. Techart has made the parts "in both virtual reality and artisan clay modelling", with testing both on track and the wind tunnel. So it's not just for showing off, basically, with genuine aero benefit. The bodykit is complemented by a set of new Daytona II wheels in the standard 20/21-inch sizes, forged for lightness and strength and sold as "the new interpretation of a true Techart classic". For the full Techart visual impact of the car seen here, the sport suspension kit lowers the 911 by 30mm.

While 'Techart Techtronic' might sound like an infotainment upgrade, it is in fact the power pack available for Carrera S 992s. It boosts power to 510hp and torque to 450lb ft, from 450hp and 391lb ft as standard. Interestingly the power gain will only be available in Sport and Sport Plus modes, with it reduced again "automatically according to the water detection of the system" and the 911's new wet mode. The valved sports exhaust fits in the standard Porsche sports exhaust layout, promising "an impressive soundscape".

For those who find the 992's interior not enough of a leap on from the 991, Techart offers all manner of extra possibilities. Want virgin wool inside? No problem. Illuminated carbon sill plates? But of course. Need to make your 911 into "an individual piece of art"? Techart is on hand. Good luck...

It's a comprehensive range of parts, then, easily sufficient to turn a 911 into something more... attention grabbing. Techart have been doing this since 1987, too, so even if it's not to your taste, enough people have been intrigued to keep them in business for more than 30 years. And there's a warranty on everything. For those after a 911 that really stands out, the Techart components are now available, and 992s are for sale at less than Β£100k. Oh yes, and there's a smaller rear spoiler on offer, if that big one is too much.

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Comments (16) Join the discussion on the forum

  • Nerdherder 01 Oct 2019

    More power = good
    More (design?) refinement = laughable

  • McGraw 01 Oct 2019

    I’m pretty tolerant of over the top body kits and wheels but this is truly horrific.

  • Thesprucegoose 01 Oct 2019

    Love the wheels, makes a change from usual black or silver.

  • ntiz 01 Oct 2019

    A friends dad had tech art 997 turbo back at school in 09. Left it completely standard visually. I know it’s a stretch to say a 997 turbo was a sleeper but it was a bit, when you think it had something like 750 break. It was totally bonkers to be in the passengers seat!

    Not bad for a winter slag as he called it. His summer car was a 599 GTO.

  • simonbamg 01 Oct 2019

    Why do these companies exist to give rich people choice to upgrade their cars... grrrrrrr I’m angry, PH forum says NO THANK YOU

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