Elfin MS8

Holden are best known for big, brutish saloons and pick ups. So when they unveiled a sleek racer at this week's Melbourne Motor show it came as a very pleasant surprise to most.

Two cars are on show, the Elfin MS8 Clubman and Streamliner. Both are based on the same running gear, but with different bodywork configurations. They are manufactured by Elfin with Holden providing design input and the power plants.  Bill Hemming, Joint Managing Director of Elfin Sports Cars, said the Streamliner and Clubman MS8 project made the best use of each organisation's strengths.

"This project successfully leveraged Holden's design know-how and resources with Elfin's specialist skill in hand-built racing chassis production ," he said. "The synergy between us was amazing. I guess that's what happens when one bunch of car buffs meets another ," said Hemming.

"Elfin will take all enquiries and orders from prospective buyers and we'll build the vehicles at our production facility in Murrumbeena (Victoria). Elfin owns the intellectual property rights to the vehicles and we will manage all sales, marketing and warranty issues ," Hemming concluded.

Aimed squarely at the weekend club racer and historic vehicle enthusiast market, the V8 roadsters will be hand-built to order by Elfin with production expected to begin later this year.

The cars are powered by a Holden Gen III 5.7 litre V8 pumping out around 330bhp via a six speed 'box. The cars are constructed around a tubular space frame chassis.


  • Holden 5.7 litre Gen III alloy V8
  • From 245 kW (engines prepared to purchaser specification)
  • Holden 6-speed manual gearbox
  • Holden limited slip differential
  • Traction control
  • ABS braking system
  • Cruise control
  • Fully independent rear suspension with top and bottom wishbones plus toe link adjustment
  • Front suspension with top and bottom chrome moly, unequal aerofoil wishbones
  • Fully adjustable race specification rose joints throughout
  • Elfin alloy uprights (front and rear), fully adjustable for camber, caster and toe
  • Coil over Koni shock absorbers, adjustable for bump, rebound and ride height
  • Slotted and ventilated four wheel disc brakes
    • Front: 32 x 343mm discs
      Elfin aluminium billet machined 6 piston calipers
    • Rear: 18 x 315mm discs incorporating handbrake
      Elfin aluminium billet machined 4 piston calipers
  • Rack and pinion with adjustable steering column
  • Fully adjustable alloy pedal box with brake bias adjustment
  • Alloy 18" wheels
  • 245 x 40 tyres
  • Jig assembled, hand crafted multi-tubular space frame
    (Square tube frames are a design characteristic of the Elfin Sports Car Company)
  • GRP body panels

Link : www.elfin.com.au

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  • 900T-R 27 Feb 2004

    One word: wow.

  • stevenrt 27 Feb 2004

    Square tubes don't have as high strength as round tubes for the same weight.

  • daydreamer 27 Feb 2004

    stevenrt said:
    Square tubes don't have as high strength as round tubes for the same weight.
    I also thought that most tubular chassis were constructed from tubes

    Also - cruise control on a race car :rolleys:

    However, it does take it to the legions of bike engine cars that are making their way onto tracks in the UK. Makes you wonder why the Westfield sEight has fallen out of favour really.

    Do I want one - Course I do


  • dinkel 27 Feb 2004

    stevenrt said:
    Square tubes don't have as high strength as round tubes for the same weight.

    Chassis looks like a ScrapyardRally (National Geographic?) project . . . But the red body is a stunner. With a more refined engine (a Beemer screamer, S2000 or VW 3.2) I would want one.

  • johnny senna 27 Feb 2004

    Love it.

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