Looney Tuned: Geneva 2018

Commitment to the cause was certainly not lacking when it came to the tuners at Geneva this year. For sheer audacity, outrageousness and just general shock factor, the usual suspects excelled themselves.

Where better to start than Mansory? It, as always, brought along a smorgasbord of new products, each seemingly more bonkers than the last. See that Ferrari? Based on an 812, it's called the 'Stallone' - indeed, it's the third Mansory product named as such, all based on front-engined Ferrari V12s - and boasts 830hp thanks to a new exhaust and an "optimisation of series electronics." And that look? Mansory humbly describes it as "another impressive masterpiece of automotive artistic refinement." Right. For what it's worth everything that appears to be carbon is the real stuff (made in house by Mansory, no less) and those forged wheels should save a bit of unsprung weight.

But really the Ferrari is meek compared to the Mansory Bugatti Vivere Diamond Edition by Moti. All those body panels are carbon, but using a 'Marble Collage' fabric to create that incredible look. While it may be difficult to identify, there's also a reprofiled front end with a new lip made of you-know-what for extra downforce, as well as new air intakes and side skirts. Apparently it has 1,800hp, too...

Britain is not safe from Mansory molestation, either, its show stand exhibiting a Rolls-Royce Phantom, an Aston DB11 and a McLaren 720S. The Aston looks almost subtle in this company, boasting as it does a bold two-tone paint scheme, a carbon bodykit and a set of 22-inch rims. And 700hp, naturally. But hopefully you get the point when you see the other two. When Mansory says it "consistently continues" using carbon in a McLaren, you know there's going to be a lot. For its First Edition 720S, Mansory has put each aerodynamic element of the car into the autoclave till they're "baked to a perfect surface quality". Not only that but the bonnet is new, plus both the wings and the skirts are extended. And look at those exhausts! As the cherry on the carbon cake, Mansory gives the McLaren 755hp for a top speed of 214mph. Marvellous.

Finally from Mansory, that Rolls. The Phantom 'Bushukan Edition' (it's a citron fruit that represents happiness and contentment in China) is described as "a unique overall concept with a confident character." The two-tone paint is the most obvious change, black paired with Citron Yellow to make the new side skirts, spoiler lip and rear diffuser all the more, er, noticeable. A set of 24-inch wheels and 610hp complete the package nicely. You can reach your own conclusions about the interior...

It's not just Mansory that has used British luxury as its canvas, either, although Klassen does things a little differently. Its latest armoured Range Rover adds an incredible 1,016mm to the length of an L405, offered with the very highest level of ballistic armour. It looks as faintly ridiculous as it sounds, but if you need luxury and protection...

Various Porsches have always proved attractive fodder for European tuners, and Geneva this year is no different. Over at Techart, its fairy dust has already been liberally sprinkled over the Panamera Sport Turismo; the Grand GT Supreme has 640hp, will hit 62mph in 3.4 seconds and boasts perhaps the softest leather interior we've ever sat in. The 22-inch wheels and sports exhaust may not help its GT credentials, but heck is it a nice interior. Assuming you like tan...

At Brabus and Liberty Walk you'll find much of a muchness, with big, bad, black Mercedes on one and the wildest wide bodykits on another. In addition to the Brabus 800 that was detailed before the show, there's also an incredible Adventure G-Class and all manner of mad S-Classes. Liberty Walk's latest creation is Aventador based - stick to what you know, right? In that typical Liberty Walk way, it's both difficult to truly like yet also very hard to draw yourself away from.

So a strong show for all those who find plain old supercars are just never enough. If we come across any more we'll let you know, or perhaps it's best we don't...

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  • TheOrangePeril 07 Mar 2018

    That Bugatti looks like someone parked it under a tree full of pigeons...
    Although there's no doubt they'll sell it for some absurd money.

    I have to admit, I kinda like what they've done with the Aston... boxedin

  • FN2TypeR 07 Mar 2018

    That Rolls Royce rofl

  • Gameface 07 Mar 2018

    I wouldn't include RUF with this lot.

    Love the vibrant green colour of the Aston.

  • matrignano 07 Mar 2018

    Ferrari 812 Superfast "Stallone" hehe

    What I don't get is that manufacturers implicitly support these monstrous outfits such as Mansory.

    The 812 is apparently super hard to get hold of, with many prospective customers being turned out.
    So unless Mansory buy a flipper's car at a premium, Ferrari must be selling it to them, above and over "real" customers?

  • Fetchez la vache 07 Mar 2018

    matrignano said:
    What I don't get is that manufacturers implicitly support these monstrous outfits such as Mansory.
    Why wouldn't they?

    Mansory: Hello, I'd like to purchase a new car to modify to questionable taste.
    Vehicle Manufacturer: No thanks, we seen all the bhing on PH and we don't like your taste.
    Mansory: We'll agree to purchase a minimum of 10 per year for the next 5 years
    Vehicle Manufacturer: Oh, go on then.

    (or similar)

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