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Thread of the Day: Are shouty cars embarrassing?

Have electric performance cars turned their ICE rivals into nothing more than noisy sore losers?

By Jack Mansfield / Monday, April 15, 2019

This is a new one to us. But that doesn't mean it isn't a valid debating point. After all, with the age of electric power looming over combustion engines, it clearly is a talking point amongst enthusiasts. Are shouty, conventional now engines embarrassing? Are we going to enter an era where "normal" engine noise will be like the soot from an aged Diesel engine - i.e. the signifier of time we'd all rather forget?

User Codswallop (insert your own joke) paints us just such a picture in this thread, where he reports seeing a Tesla Model S and a Volkswagen Golf R partake in a traffic light grand prix, wherein the Tesla blitzed the Golf silently and the Golf parped away, but lost miserably. He (or indeed she) thought this was a little embarrassing, possibly because the Tesla seemed so effortless in it's win, or possibly because the Golf R doesn't make the most inspiring noise at the best of times...

So, do you think noisy cars are now embarrassing? Or is this a contextual thing? Surely a soul-stirring V8 wouldn't have provoked the same response? Frankly, the day a sonorous V12 is frowned upon outside PH towers, we'll build a bonfire made of branded t-shirts and drink power steering fluid till the pain goes away. But that's just us - your thoughts here, please.

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