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Porsche warns UK customers of Brexit surcharge

Trade deal implications could force Porsche prices up by 10 per cent

By Matt Bird / Monday, February 18, 2019

It wouldn't be a month on PistonHeads without a discussion about Porsche prices. This one is slightly different, however; news has emerged over the weekend that, in the event of no new trade deal with the EU post-March, customers may face having an extra 10 per cent added to the cost of their car.

Buyers are being asked to sign a contract agreeing to the surcharge, because of an import duty that might apply after March 29th if a trade deal isn't reached. Warnings have previously come from the SMMT about import tariffs that could push prices up once the UK has left the EU, though this is the first instance we've heard of the cost being passed on directly to buyers.

A Porsche statement said: 'As one potential outcome of the Brexit negotiations, there is a possibility that a duty of up to 10 per cent may be applied to cars imported into the UK by us after March 29th. In light of this we have chosen to inform customers whose cars are likely to arrive after Brexit occurs to warn them that they may be affected by this tariff - allowing them to be fully informed at the point of sale and, if they wish, to adjust their order accordingly.

It went on to say that Porsche customers who placed an order before January 17th will not be subject to the additional cost. Unsurprisingly this is a development that's caused much discussion on the PH forums, one that doesn't look like slowing down any time soon - presumably because other manufacturers may well follow suit. Join the chat here.

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