Aston Martin Virage: Spotted

Today's Spotted was, in many ways, the answer to a question no one asked. Namely, why isn't there a stepping stone between the DB9 and DBS?

Nonetheless, answer it Aston did, near-perfectly bisecting its two GT coupes with this, the Virage. At launch, its 6.0-litre naturally aspirated V12 boasted 490hp, an extra 20hp over the DB9's version of the same engine, though 20hp less than the DBS's. It was said to be sharper than the 9 but less hardcore than the S too, with revised chassis and suspension set-ups - including a new rear subframe, adaptive dampers and standard carbon ceramic brakes - contributing to an enhanced all-round driving experience.

Despite its lukewarm reputation, the Virage remains a popular car amongst those who have driven it. Our colleagues at Autocar noted its impressive handling while describing it as having "one of the most comfortable rides in its class" and praising its "ability to shift between relaxed, easy-going cruiser and a wholly more intense experience". Our own review wasn't too bad, either, and over in the forums, Virage-owning PHers seem unanimously effusive in their praise of the car - a sight which may be rarer even than the thing itself, of which only around 250 examples were sold in the UK.

Following the decision to replace the Virage with an updated DB9 after just 18 months on sale, its place in the used market soon became as hard to justify as its precarious position in the new one. The 2013 DB9's 510hp output left the Virage in the shade, while its copycat styling also robbed its predecessor of one of its most attractive USPs.

Those cars are now available with similar mileage for similar money but, look at them side by side and to these eyes they somehow just don't seem quite as special. The beautifully simple, One-77-inspired, grille and splitter, heavily sculpted side skirts and broad haunches have a poised aggression in the Virage that the DB9 just doesn't match.

The Virage's 4.6 seconds to 62 is hardly sluggish either, and its rarity could stand it in good stead in years to come. There may be more powerful Astons available for the money, but when it comes to the other two thirds of the marque's maxim, it's hard to find many GT cars with more beauty or soul.


Engine: 5,935cc, V12
Transmission: 6-speed auto, rear-wheel drive
Power (hp): 490
Torque (lb ft): 420
First registered: 2011
Recorded mileage: 28,000
Price new: £150,000
Yours for: £72,850

See the original advert here.

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Comments (27) Join the discussion on the forum

  • British Beef 27 Apr 2018

    If I was in the market for this I would be tempted to find an extra £20k and go for a 2013 Vanquish.

  • Helicopter123 27 Apr 2018

    Would £75k not put you in a V10 powered R8 of similar vintage?

  • V8s ONLY 27 Apr 2018

    Helicopter123 said:
    Would £75k not put you in a V10 powered R8 of similar vintage?
    Your point being?

  • Helicopter123 27 Apr 2018

    V8s ONLY said:
    Helicopter123 said:
    Would £75k not put you in a V10 powered R8 of similar vintage?
    Your point being?
    I think that's a better car for the money.

  • Buster73 27 Apr 2018

    Helicopter123 said:
    I think that's a better car for the money.
    A lot of money to pay for what at first glance could be mistaken for a TT....

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