Showpiece of the Week: 911 GT2 RS (997)

Not that they needed a helping hand, but it seems the arrival of the latest Porsche 911 GT2 RS has served to nudge the value of its predecessors even higher. The last model, the 997, is not undeserving of the attention. It was the last GT series car to use hydraulic steering, and only the third (not including the GT1) to exceed 200mph. Better still, the RS version was reputedly a skunk works project developed under the code number 727 - which referred directly to a Nissan GT-R lap time at the Nordschliefe. And if that's not cool, nothing in the world ever is or can be.

Its use of hydraulic steering is not to be sniffed at either. Porsche's mastery of an electric-powered rack may have diluted memory of its previous handiwork, but any purist will savour the oil-based resistance offered by the 997 - not least because it's arguably as good and as feelsome as the technology ever got.

Take any mention of the famous 'widowmaker' label with a pinch of salt, too. While some drivers may have fallen victim to unexpected surges of torque (and resultant oversteer) in formal generations, the 997 was more in the mould of the current car - less hell-bent on firing you into a hedge than it is at smearing the horizon across your eyeballs.

This is does exceedingly well even by the most modern standard. Back in 2010, 620hp from a twin-turbocharged 3.6-litre flat six was a lot, and in 2018 it's, um, still a lot. 0-62mph in 3.5sec and a top speed of 205mph was also rather good in its day, as it now. It's worth remembering too that the 997 was a smaller car than the 991, and is therefore slightly easier to thread down a winding country road.

Naturally it made the definitive country road its own in short order. Conceived to set a new lap record at the Nurburgring, it duly did: snapping a heady 9secs off the GT-R's time. Porsche celebrated by building no more than 500 cars, which were expensive right out of the box - and then made phenomenally more so by what seems like each passing year.

Today, a barely used 997 Porsche 911 GT2 RS up for sale on the PH classifieds for - tissues at the ready - £649,950. If you're keeping score, that's the best part of half a million quid more than when it was new. Car number 399, does have a highly desirable optional equipment list, however, with the original owner clearly valuing (or understanding the appreciation value of) the lightweight parts offered by Porsche.

Along with the Club Sport Package and carbonfibre front wings and engine cover, there's a lightweight battery and Alcantara trimmed bucket seats complete with harnesses. And that's before we even get to the set of gold satin 19in centre lock wheels. The 10-spoke rims are pure motorsport, and, backed by those yellow calipers, are almost enough for the assembled PH staffers to begin a whip round.

Skim further down the car's service history and you'll also see it's exclusively had main dealer services and there was even a full brake fluid change that took place just 120 miles after the last one. The words 'meticulously maintained' spring to mind.

If the idea of such limited use leaves you reeling, they do at least mean you are getting the most perfectly preserved example of what was unarguably one of Porsche's most most driver-focused machines of all time. Will the used value bubble burst before you can sell it again? It surely can't get much bigger...

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  • cuda 23 Jul 2018

    Rather have a 4.0l 997 GT3 RS and £200k left over to not worry about actually driving the damn thing...

  • nicksclark 23 Jul 2018

    doesn't really matter how good it is as they will never be driven. They're artworks now :-)

  • MikeGoodwin 23 Jul 2018

    Was my poster car for years when I was younger. so was the 4.0 997

    Still to this day there are few videos of them being driven properly.

  • Carl_Manchester 23 Jul 2018

    not many cars get posted in showpiece that i have actually driven. for what it’s worth the 997 GT2 RS is one of the worst types of 997 produced to actually drive in my experience and i have got to driven most of them, no fun at all just a 3rd gear which resembles being strapped into a ride at alton towers.

    ended up with heat soak and sore leg from the clutch on my laps. too much powah for the 997.

    a gen2 GT3 laughs at it from afar, it’s such a superior car to drive. still hated the box found it lighter thought

    that said, that was back when gr2 rs were £150k-200k because first owners didn’t really want them either. the low miles on these cars is not surprising. for what it does i reckoned on £100k before i clicked on the advertisement and...oh dear. a number starting with a 6.

    the world has lost its mind.

  • Oilchange 23 Jul 2018

    Looks about £500k overpriced

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