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The final V8 Morgan: Spotted

Half a century of Morgan V8s has ended. Here's your chance to buy a piece of history

By Matt Bird / Thursday, February 21, 2019

While most automotive progress can happily be tolerated - indeed, celebrated - the demise of the V8 Morgan is something to be discussed only with a heavy heart. As everything on four wheels changed in the last century, almost beyond recognition in some instances, the Morgan formula stayed the same: classic styling, a big-cube V8 that provided burly performance, and the kind of classic Brit cool that others yearn for. Cars like the Plus 8 have never been to absolutely everyone's taste, but as an icon of the industry it has earned a huge amount of respect. Moreover, don't knock cruising around in a Malvern roadster with the rumble of a V8 alongside until you've tried it; there's something immensely charming about the experience.

But time has been called on the classic Morgan template; the BMW 4.8-litre V8 was taken out of its parent company's product line a long time ago, and now it's deemed no longer viable for Morgans, either. A new product will be seen at Geneva, with a (slightly) updated look and more modern technology, and it'll have to be something truly special to match the enduring appeal of the old V8s. For decades the Plus 8 has been the backbone of the Morgan range; the Aero 8 arrived and the 3-Wheeler made a comeback, while the Plus 8 soldiered on dutifully almost throughout.

And now it's gone. Much like the last Ferrari manual (which has happened) and the last rear-wheel drive Lamborghini (which surely can't be very far off), the very final V8 Morgan is a really significant car. Alright, perhaps it's not quite to the level of those two. It is the last of the era, though, and deserves some recognition - especially when it's sat for sale on the PH classifieds.

Yep, this is it. The 50th car of the 50th Anniversary run, there weren't - and will never be - any Morgans made with a V8 engine after this car. It's an automatic 50th for sale at Morgan London, pre-registered to Morgan Motors and with delivery mileage. Given its provenance, the asking price of £137,850 - or just £6,000 more than #41, for sale at the same dealer - doesn't seem unreasonable. As you might have gathered, there's not going to be another...

There's a suspicion that a car of this importance may well spend its life in a collection, though it would be nice to see it used as a reminder of the car that defined Morgan for so long. Whatever its fate, the opportunity is an extremely rare one for fans of the brand, and is surely a car that will remain desirable for the rest of its life. Half a century of V8 Morgans ends with this vehicle - it's not going to be forgotten in a hurry.

So while there are many more modern, more capable sports cars available at the money - for much less money, in fact, if we're being honest - there's nothing that's going to match this Plus 8 for its significance and appeal to a Morgan enthusiast. 'Unrepeatable' comes up far more often than it should in used car circles, though it's entirely apposite here. Given the hype that often surrounds particularly special or limited run cars nowadays, it's a wonder that this Plus 8 hasn't yet been snapped up. Here's your chance...


Engine: 4,799cc, V8
Transmission: 6-speed automatic, rear-wheel drive
Power (hp): 372@6,200rpm
Torque (lb ft): 370@3,600rpm
MPG: 23
CO2: 282g/km
First registered: 2018
Recorded mileage: 50
Price new: £129,000
Yours for: £137,850

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