Charity track day coming up

Hit the track, Jack!
Hit the track, Jack!
A track day at Snetterton on Sunday 4 December is being organised in aid of the British Heart Foundation, with organiser MotorSport Vision and Snetterton Circuit having donated their track and facilities gratis.

It will be a rolling pit lane format, with a maximum of 32 cars out at any one time, as usual, with a limit of 70 cars present on the day. It will be for only closed wheel cars, although Westfields and Caterhams are included, but are unable to carry passengers.

The noise limit is 105dBA and all drivers will need to produce their full road licence, regardless of car type.

Motorsport Vision said it thought about the cost, bearing in mind there will be limited daylight, and the risk of poor weather, and have decided to cost it as follows: £125 per car with up to two passengers. Additional passengers at a cost of £25 each. For corporate/sponsor guests it will cost £250 per car with unlimited passengers. Cheques are to be made out to British Heart Foundation.

The track day is first come first served.

For futher information on this day please email for a booking form.

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  • apguy 27 Oct 2005

    The booking form is now available from

    and general participants notes are available from

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  • chimaera5.0 27 Oct 2005

    I cannot believe people are willing to wreck their pride and joys in the sort of weather we normally have at that time of year. Re-schedule anytime between April to end of October and they might get attendees who really value their cars. My baby will be tucked up in the garage with the trickle charger on and the internal cover to keep the dust off. This TLC has given me a Chimaera that Perry at The V8 Centre in High Wycombe is one of the best on the road today anywhere in the UK. As it is 70degrees and the sun is shining I am off for one of the last top down drives this year. I will enjoy but not December please !!!!

  • apguy 27 Oct 2005

    There is some background to this event.

    Traditionally the BHF Charity Day at Snetterton has had race cars and supercars on track with the general public paying for passenger rides. I've have done this for a few years with both my race car and my TVR. It was always in December. It also used to raise circa £20,000 a year for the BHF.

    Last year the event was unable to run due to being unable to secure liability insurance for Joe Public. (I believe Norwich Union used to back the event)
    This year faced a similiar story until MSV decided to run a trackday instead. They have provided the circuit, marshalls and medics completely free-of-charge. Absolutely every penny goes to charity - hence the reason why the cheques are to be made out to the British Heart Foundation.

  • richb 27 Oct 2005

    chimaera5.0 said:
    This TLC has given me a Chimaera that Perry at The V8 Centre in High Wycombe is one of the best on the road today anywhere in the UK.
    Good luck to you Peter, each to their own eh? If people want to track their TVRs good luck to them, likewise if all you want to do is polish yours then fine. It's for a good cause after all. Rich...

  • else 27 Oct 2005

    Is it a TVRCC track day? no mention in the description.
    The reason I ask is because my insurance covers me for TVRCC track days.

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