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TVR Tuscan | Reader's Car of the Week

There are brave purchases, and then there's buying a Cat C Tuscan unseen off eBay...

By Matt Bird / Saturday, January 11, 2020

There's nothing much we enjoy more on PH than tales of derring-do, and there can't be many more courageous undertakings in the car-buying world than purchasing a TVR Tuscan. To clarify, a Cat C TVR Tuscan. Without even seeing it, let alone driving it. From eBay, while working on an oil rig. Mr 'fizmo100', we salute your bravery!

Otherwise known as Dan, fizmo had been attempting to replace his Chimaera that needed a fair bit of work with one that didn't. But then one thing led to another - or, more specifically "playing the game of 'what else could I get for the same money'" - and Dan was looking at cheap Tuscans.

This particular car appealed with its Ferrari Grigio Alloy paint, an engine rebuild and cosmetic upgrades from later Tuscans. Furthermore, despite weeks "spent panicking about what I had just done", Dan's Tuscan odyssey has turned out pretty damn well, given everything.

But we'll let him explain all that in more detail. He can also tell you about the failing speedo, hot start issue, and the CD multichanger full of Bowie... it's well worth reading!

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