PH Blog: Golf GTD eight years apart

I was one of the first to get the new Mk5 Golf in the UK, and thanks to an error on the company car option list I was able to spec the 2.0 TDI GT. Soon this error was realised and colleagues had to settle for lower spec and smaller engined versions of the Golf, but my flat red (I couldn’t afford any options) five-door (all that was available at launch) was delivered as promised. Being young(er) I immediately swapped the standard wheels for some 18-inch TT replica alloys and I was a happy chappy. Less than six months later I swapped back to the original wheels again, largely due to the fact that I wanted to tow a caravan ... but that’s another story.

Garlick and the Golf: steady evolution
Garlick and the Golf: steady evolution
So eight years later and I am in the latest version, and as you can see we have both changed. I still feel the same inside as I did in 2004 and the same is true of the Golf - literally nothing has changed in essence bar a few trim and detail upgrades. The engine sounds the same with the familiar VW common rail diesel noise, the seats are as I remember them to be and the mpg (late 30s) is almost identical too. It’s perkier, that’s for sure but overall it’s a very familiar experience for me, despite the passing years.  

OK so we both look a little different on the outside….The earlier Golf looks smooth and uncluttered whereas the new one is weightier and a little fussier (like me). Chrome and shiny bits are new for 2012 giving a heavier look overall (don’t you dare say anything) and it looks more grown up. I think we’d all like to look a little younger and maybe the Golf would too?  

So everything changes, yet it’s all very familiar. When something works well I guess there is no point in changing it. Fortunately I didn’t think the same about my hair…


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  • Ved 07 Mar 2012

    In first?

  • The Moose 07 Mar 2012

    I like how your head is cut off by the PH banner in the full size pic

  • Snowman23 07 Mar 2012

    One of the most profound things my Dad has ever said was 'as you get older your view of the world doesn't change, but it's view of you does'...not overly relevant, just reminded me of this.

    I think it's funny how expectations change, I remember seeing a brand new mk 5 GTI when I was still at Uni, guy in his mid 20's driving it, I was incredibly jealous. I've now had my mk 6 for nearly 2 years and I've got serious itchy feet (and want to be 20, and back at Uni...)

  • ali4390 07 Mar 2012

    I took me ages to figure out how to get in here as there is no title showing on my screen for this topic?!

  • jeremyc 07 Mar 2012

    That tree has certainly grown in 8 years. wink

    Can't quite see whether the trousers have changed colour ...

    Edited by jeremyc on Wednesday 7th March 08:53

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