PH2 Blog: Ducati Panigale S Tricolore

PH2 man Jon Urry is at Bruntingthorpe today (again!), this time with the bombastic Ducati Panigale S Tricolore. Keep calling by for updates as he attempts to max it out without a) dying or b) being arrested by the noise police...

1530h - It's windy out there!

Evidence of what riding a Ducati Panigale flat out can do to a man can be found in Jon's latest update, reproduced verbatim:

"Mouse meter is still intact, somehow... Managed 17ph top, but there is a string headwind. Getting through first and second with the front wheel on the hound is impossible!!!! Hit 8000 in both gears and up she comes...."

You probably get the gist but the best run so far is 172mph. Time to knuckle down before returning to Ducati...

1440h - Bruntingthorpe

Earplugs in!

1330h - Noise worries

A bit worried. Just heading to Bruntingthorpe and there is a strict noise limit.Expecting to be thrown out after one run as those Termignonis are more than a bit loud. Earplugs in...

1230h -The dyno test

184bhp at the rear wheel. The Tricolore comes with Termignoni exhaust cans as standard. The sound is awesome and it adds about 7bhp to the top end. There are even flames on the over-run!


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  • MrKipling43 05 Apr 2012

    Good luck making it round once. Just back off BIG TIME through the bottom section of the handling circuit (that's where the mic is IIRC) and you might get two laps in... if you're lucky.

  • PILCH 23 05 Apr 2012

    Videos please Jon.

  • ellisd82 05 Apr 2012

    Is that rust a spot in the second pic?
    Good luck riding it, should be sweet!

  • PascalBuyens 05 Apr 2012

    184bhp at the wheels... Quite a few cars don't even make that smile

  • matbat 05 Apr 2012

    Stunning machine! I like the styling of the Termi's yum

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