Thread of the Week: Learning to love the SUV

Is there a more incendiary and divisive issue among car enthusiasts than the proliferation of crossovers? Alright, yes - electrification. That’s a biggie, too. And autonomous cars. But right now we’re talking crossovers - i.e. the Ford Kuga, BMW X1, Vauxhall Mokka and the like - and why you might want a hatchback on stilts when it’s highly likely to prove inferior in most driving scenarios. 

Because there are upsides, surely. Their high driving position gives the driver that extra bit of visibility that might not be there in a low slung hatch, the added ground clearance will give you a little more off-roading prowess (although, it can be argued these cars won’t tackle any terrain harder than a gravel drive way), as well as the possibility of additional comfort and practicality. You tend to get a taller interior, if nothing else, and, according to my Grandad who has a Ford Kuga, that makes getting in and out with a dodgy hip, much much easier. 

So pointless marketplace filler or genuine solution to the challenge of modern motoring? This week’s winner of forum threading discusses exactly that, spurred by white_goodman, who says he now understands, and is willing to buy a crossover, having had a Vauxhall Mokka for a couple of weeks. Join the discussion here

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