Shed Of The Week: Honda Accord Type R

Someone, almost definitely still single, once said the dream date is one who can act with 'professional' dynamism in the sack while still being able to rattle the pots and pans convincingly in the kitchen.

Little to give the game away here...
Little to give the game away here...
One strong contender for the motoring equivalent of this apparently incompatible dual personality combo is the Honda Accord Type R. When the family is demanding a trip to Aldi, as they often do, it's a comfortable, lavishly-equipped and well-built five-seater with a huge boot. When you're on your own, it's a whole different ball game, as an American person might say.

Lightened to just over 1,300kg compared to the standard Accord, and with a beefed-up rear bulkhead plus limited-slip diff, the Type R handled very well indeed for a front-driver. High-compression pistons plus freer-flowing intake and exhaust arrangements turned the naturally-aspirated 2.2-litre, 210hp VTEC into something of a landmark motor.

Despite all that, not many people bought them in the UK. There was a problem with the demographics: the roister-doisters who would be attracted to its performance thought it wasn't exciting enough, and the pipe-smokers who appreciated its practicality were frightened off by its rumbustious attitude. You can't help thinking that the boot spoiler didn't help either side to love it enough.

.. ah yes, this should do it
.. ah yes, this should do it
A year or so back our Matt wrote a nice PHHeroes piece piece on how good these cars were. Our Shed is the facelifter so should have none of the previous model's top gear synchro-munching problems. Some reckon that the five-speed 'box doesn't fit in all that naturally with the VTEC characteristics, that you can't be afraid of the redline if you want to keep it in the powerband, and that a six-speeder would have been perfect. Certainly, the Type R will feel a bit buzzy in top at Continental press-on speeds, but the enjoyment you will experience everywhere else will more than compensate. Watch out for the brakes, mind: they're big, but they're not that clever.

Very little else to look out for other than the normal consumables, which at this mileage includes suspension parts like drop links, bushes and dampers. The headlamp level sensors can play up, and the juddering clutch syndrome mentioned in the ad is far from unknown. A quick look on tinternet reveals that a genuine Honda clutch kit costs just over £160 including VAT. Installing it is not a matter of moments: in fact it's more like five-six hours as everything has to be taken off the side of the clutch. Still, depending on whereabouts you live, your local grease monkey should be able to do the job for under £500 all in.

Here's where your £895 is going
Here's where your £895 is going
Seems a lot to add on to the purchase price, but think of it this way: any car is going to need a new clutch at some point in its life, but not any car will end up as brilliant as this one once the work is done. Perhaps more of an issue is that Type R cambelts fall due every 70k, and this car has 134K up, so a squint at the service history (if there is any) will most probs sway the purchasing decision one way or the other.

Everyone should try an Accord Type R at least once though. It's the most fun you can have while wearing a suit.


Here's the ad.

Honda accord type r 2001 mot and taxed service history electric windows xenon head lights RECARO bucket seats alloys with new tyres remote central locking alarm CD player twin exit exhaust white dials trip computer front fog lamps rear spoiler colour coded bumpers LSD gearbox legal privacy glass good condition hence price will need clutch soon still drives judders in first gear when you move off priced to sell so no tyre kickers or TIMEWASTERS please.

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  • forzaminardi 20 Jun 2014

    That is a TERRIFIC Shed!

  • williamp 20 Jun 2014

    Good shed, but its nice to type before the obvious you-know-what quote is used and re-used.

    I think a shed-tastic btcc themed colletcive would be a great article. Now you too can relive your david leslie in a Proton moments.... Etc

  • B'stard Child 20 Jun 2014

    Not a fan of J-tin but these have always appealed to me as sensible on the outside with a element of fun.

  • RemyMartin 20 Jun 2014

    Proper proper shed.

    Absolutely love Accord type Rs they just look right. Was never a fan of the face lift front end with the red badge. The original (as this has) just looks better oh pirates black is the best colour.

    This being an early one they were prone to the synchro in 5th going and this with a fked clutch would signal alarm bells to me. It's hardly a torquey motor.

  • TheAngryDog 20 Jun 2014

    Nice shed, but for what a clutch would cost, I'd put one in - would double its value and some.

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