SOTW: 1988 Ford Granada Ghia 2.9 V6

It's sometimes suggested that Shed's £1k budget has worn a bit on the thin side, and that to keep our favourite Friday slot fresh we should splash a bit more of our (hypothetical) cash.

Heresy? Yes, I hear you fellow PHers - and this week I'm aiming to prove that genuine Shedding doesn't require the full 'bag of sand', nor even half that amount. Because the comfortably sub-five hundred quid Shed is alive and, if not 'kicking', at least still out there providing sh*ts and giggles for penurious PH punters pursuing (the suggestion of) luxury and performance from every one of their increasingly hard-earned pounds.

So here she is, courtesy of eBay user dino_john, a 1998 Ford Granada Ghia 2.9 V6, featuring certain bespoke upgrades that only a true afficionado of the Blue Oval's once ubiquitous executive express would appreciate. (And a SOTW we know our German badge freaks will never understand at any price...)

Take note of the full RS body kit, with 'rare' 14ins alloy wheels that retain their centre caps, the Panther Black bodywork with that genuine 'still wet from the hosepipe' gleam, full black leather interior, electric sunroof and smoked (Scorpio) lenses.

But most of all, take note of the carefully detailed description from what can only be described as 'Seller and Shed in perfect harmony'. Yes, dino_john sounds to us like a man who knows how to make a pound go further, and it seems no expense has been expended to keep this 150hp V6 auto on the road.

Groaning bushes? A dab of baby oil will see to that. Rocker cover leaks? They all do that Sir. There's more besides - a bonnet pull artfully repaired by cable tie, annoying warning bulbs disconnected. This, my friends, is genuine 'shedding' of the highest order, and surely a tribute to today's 'make do and mend Britain'.

Of course we wouldn't hand over anything like the £550 required to 'buy it now', but the 0.99p starting bid seems much more realistic and with nine whole months of ticket remaining, this old Granny must be at least one owner away from the scrapheap.

When it sells, we're betting the wedge left over from our profligate £1k shed budget will buy a bathtub full of baby oil and, should you be so minded, someone friendly to wrestle in it. (Talking of which - has anyone seen Mr Will recently?)

Advert reads:

Hello and welcome to my auction for my mk 3 preface lift panther black 2.9 v6 12 valve Granada ghia x, what I only picked up a couple of months ago, I drove it from a few miles near Cardiff to my parents house in Wisbech near Peterborough on 50 quid of petrol, and it didn't miss a beat, right let me say from the offset that the only reason I am selling my Granada is that I brought it and then about 2 weeks after the council have given me a flat so I need the money for stuff for my flat and I cant afford to run and insure a 2.9 anymore and I have found a 1.1 metro as a run around, the log book is still in my old address, the Granada is giving ( according to the fuel computer) 25 mpg average and the auto box is lovely and smooth (the smoothest out of all the 4 2.9 Granada's I've had), kick down and lockup all works,

Mileage is 117 thousand will go up slightly as in daily use at minute to get to work un till the metro is up and running and insured whch will be by end of auction,
Has mot until 4th march 2012 and tax until the end of the year,
She has got a full rs kit with rare 14 inch wheels with all centre caps present,
It has a blow on exhaust and the range part of the fuel computer don't work properly,

Some of the trim where the bottom of the windows is loose as there is a small amount of rust on the door tops stopping the trim pushing down onto the door but it is all still there,
The sensors for the header tank and washer bottle level warning lights are faulty so they are unplugged,
It has the tinted rear lights from a facelift and smoked side repeaters,
The front anti roll bar bushes are making some groaning noises, the bushes just look dry maybe a bit of wd40 or baby oil will stop them groaning,
The rocker covers are leaking a little bit of oil ( but all the v6 granadas i've had have leaked oil from the rockers and i've never had a problem with it) , just needs some new gaskets or some instant gasket
The exhaust sometimes knocks agenst rear bumper
the bonnet pull is broken, i have attached a cable tie to the cable so you can still open the bonnet,

The rs kit has a few cracks in the front valance,
The car has full black leather seats with electric lumbar support, but the seat heater switches don't seem to have any power gong to them, so the seat heaters don't work,
There is no radio but a set of standard iso plugs have been wired in so any after market radio will fit in,
I have fitted a few bits from a Scorpio since I have owned it, (the fuel computer , the electric sunroof, and map lights and the tinted rear lights and the smoked side repeaters)
The passenger side headlight lens has a chip in it but it don't let any water in and the chip is on the high beam part so the mot man cant fail it,

It has a tow bar which all works and the rear springs have towing assistors in them so if you have to tow something heavy it wont bottom out,
The exhaust has had some welding done to the mid boxes, I think that is where the blow is coming from,
Occasionally at traffic lights or when first started it stalls when you put it in gear, every time it has done this to me it restarts fine and is fine again, if you can catch it before it stalls as soon as you move the throttle it is fine again, my mate recons it is the tps (throttle position sensor) which is playing up, if it needs a new one it is the same as a sierra or any petrol rover from 1995-2001,
I have tried been as honest as I can be about the car, if you have any questions please email me,

cash on collection, car has mot and tax just add your insurance and petrol and drive her away
auction will run good luck

Good points :
Mot until 4th march 2012
Tax till end of December
Full rs kit (with the rare towing eye cover)
Rare rs 14'' wheels (all 5 wheels and centre caps are present)
Good tyres all round
Tow bar with full working electrics
Leather seats

Fuel computer
Electric sunroof
Bulbs out computer
Abs fully working
Tinted rear lights and side repeaters

Bad points:
Front anti roll bar bushes need oiling up or replacing
The trim under windows needs fixing,
Blow on exhaust

No radio
Exhaust knocks sometimes
Rocker covers leak a little bit of oil

P.H. O'meter

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  • Noe 10 Jun 2011

    Full on shed!

    Something well suited for the 'cash for clunkers' ..... 100% clunker!

  • yinujim 10 Jun 2011

    That needs to get weighed in quick. China is waiting.

  • hornetrider 10 Jun 2011

    RS Bodykit? Where do I sign!

    Wait, what?

  • JohnnyRims 10 Jun 2011


  • downthepub 10 Jun 2011

    Golly, might be a shed too far.

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