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The gang at Pistonheads were filled with mixed emotions when we spotted this 1984 Beta Sports Coupe for sale. Come the early 80s, it was game over for Lancia in the UK. The company had become renowned for making rustbuckets rather

Beta coupe is still a stylish set of wheels
Beta coupe is still a stylish set of wheels
than revered for building beautiful driver’s cars. Yet still, if we had £500 burning a hole in our pocket, we’d be hard pressed to resist this car.

The Beta coupe still has masses of image and this model for sale sounds like a great project. It uses the Fiat-derived 122bhp 2.0 litre injection, which was the most popular engine on sale, and the advert states has had thousands spent on it. If that’s the case, we can only hope that the front subframe on which the engine and gearbox are mounted, will be pretty solid.

Unfortunately, the rusting rep was deserved - the combination of poor quality steel, poor rust prevention techniques and inadequate water drainage channels led to the Beta being seriously rust-prone. So if you’re going to check it out, make sure you get on your hands and knees for a proper inspection. If there are any minor problems, remember you’ve always got that spare £500 to play with.


1984 LANCIA Beta Sports Coupe 2.0

Twin Cam, A reg. thousands spent including full engine rebuild, includes last 10 Mots, for restoration, OFFERS OVER £500



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  • Casino 03 Aug 2007

    I had a Montecarlo. Mid engined seaside car not built for our wet climate. Streetwise version of the 037 rally car. Havent seen one in years, Perhaps thy have all rusted away.

  • festeringroot 03 Aug 2007

    These cars do have a huge following in the UK and abroad - there are lots left yet most are being kept & worked on to get them "just so".
    I am one of the management team of Betaboyz which was started a few years ago to try to help owners of the Beta range of cars on the road by sourcing & getting obsolete parts remanufactured. Please feel free to take a look at our site & let us know what you think - there are tons of pictures of these beautiful cars, pages on hints & tips, etc etc.
    I have an IE coupe like the one in the advert which is MOT'd & runs well - it hasn't rusted away either. I am also the proud owner of a Beta Spyder too which will need some tender loving care before i get it back on the road.
    Hope you enjoy the site anyway.

  • wl606 03 Aug 2007

    The Lancia Beta Coupe is a surprisingly stylish car. A couple of years ago I used to regularly see a young lady driving one in the area where I lived, got a lot of attention. If you were a youthful "hipster" this would make a great runabout car.

  • albundy89 03 Aug 2007

    great car I had the VX ,supercharged version, early eighties when the XR3 and GTI were king pissed all over them whilst it stayed together

  • thirsty 03 Aug 2007

    Buy it, thrash it, and trash it. Good car.

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