SOTW: Porsche 924S

Ah, 1986… what a year. The Smiths declared The Queen is Dead as Johnny Marr and Morrissey went their separate ways. Duran Duran were still just about Notorious, while Wham, The Boomtown Rats and Madness all split up.

Actually I didn’t remember much about any of that, but I do remember motoring writers up and down the country taking the piss out of the Porsche 924. It was the archetypal hairdresser’s car, the un-loved, underpowered, bastard lovechild of a failed relationship, a puny weakling with a VW engine at the wrong end. Not worthy to wear a Porsche badge, they said.

Then in 1986 VW stopped making the 924’s engine and Porsche slotted-in the punchier 2.5 litre engine from its new 944. Badged the ‘S’, it turned the 924 into a sort of stop-gap 944 entry-model with 150bhp and performance more akin to the much more admired 924 Turbos. The reviews of the 924S were kinder, as I recall, but the car never really shook off the stigma of those early attacks in spite of its many likeable features. Perhaps it never will.

But I was a teenager at the time, and I didn’t give a monkeys about any of the reviews. One of my schoolmates had a fine looking mother, and crikey, did she look glamorous behind the wheel of her 924 S coupe.

So I offer you this week’s SOTW as a kind of sleazy tribute to sordid teenage memories. It’s the wrong colour perhaps, because in a perfect world it would be metallic blue. But in a perfect world it would be 1986 again, and my mate’s mum would be giving me a lift home from school…

Fast forward to 2009, and I’m not sure where a low-mileage 924S would fit into my life. A low-cost entry into the Porsche 924 Championships perhaps?

Autotrader ad says: 1986 Porsche 924 S, FH, 2dr, 2+2 S coupe. 67,000 miles, bronze, manual, 2479cc. 67,000 miles, 2 Door Coupe, Bronze, Petrol, Manual. Slight Dent to bumper see photo. Suiperb condition. New MOT. £999.

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  • Neomagic 27 Mar 2009

    Great cars, still very underpowered though.

  • Steamer 27 Mar 2009


    Brilliant! I really liked the S too.

    ...that makes up for last weeks Wong-bridge effort.

  • a5tondb9 27 Mar 2009

    smileReally underated car! Have owned 2 and loved both of them. Nice handling and still a pretty car!
    Great Shed!

  • abarber 27 Mar 2009

    Cracking cars!

  • port and polish 27 Mar 2009

    Is it wrong to like the colour?

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