SOTW: Porsche 944 track car

Summer is well and truly here and, with decent weather, Shed's mind begins to waver from its traditional fast barge heartland. And this week it's been wavering in the direction of track day specials. And has found this rather intriguing Porsche 944.

This car has several advantages over the last track car we featured, too, namely that it has both MoT and tax, and that it is not a Ford Fiesta. And while it's not a pukka racing car (meaning no roll cage or fire extinguisher system), the distinct advantage in this particular case is that you don't need a trailer to get it to and from the track. Alright, you might need a trailer if you crash it, but you're not going to do that, are you?

On the other hand, you do get proper racing bucket seats, complete with harnesses, and a suitably stripped-out interior. This latter point presumably means that the 28-year-old Porsche weighs a little less than the 1,180kg or so it originally left the factory with. Providing not too many of the original 163 horses have escaped from within that 2.5-litre slant four, that should mean in turn that this white and lime green beauty (no, we're not sure about that colour scheme either) should prove fast enough to be amusing out on track.

On the downside, that present state does include a boot that won't close properly, a sunroof that's been glued together, and a knocking CV joint, so this Porsche isn't perfect. But a bit of hard bargaining could see you driving away in a reasonably tidy track car for a couple of hundred quid less than a grand. Moreover, that tax and test means you could use it as your daily driver, should you feel so inclined.

Shopping car and Porsche-badged track weapon for less than £1K? You certainly can't argue with the value of that.

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Porsche 944 stripped our cheap track car (£1,000)

1984 Porsche 944 2.5ltr 8v LUX
Bought the car last year did the required work and got an MOT. I bought it to use as a cheap track car, got enough go in it to make it fun and the weight balance is brilliant. I removed the interior and put in two bucket seat with 4 point harnesses, also installed a battery cut off. Other than that the car is pretty standard apart from the green bits..

Not being much good at bodywork it seemed like a good option and a track car should be a bit out there.

Few points that will need attention, a rear CV joint is nocking and the boot latch on one side just doesn't want to hold, I was either going to put straps on and remove the motors to save weight or have another go at adjusting it. Sun roof has been glued in as the motor was missing when I bought the car.

Car has 10/11 months left on the MOT and is taxed till the end of August. I am willing to do a deal were I hold on to the tax to cash in.

£1000 ONO


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  • Trusty Steed 01 Jun 2012

    Drifting, here we come!!

  • Liquid Tuna 01 Jun 2012


  • B'stard Child 01 Jun 2012

    No Cage....... I've always gone with benefits of a already conveted to track car was you cut down on some of the big expenditure - cage would be one.

    Having said that it's a 2 dr coupe with a hatch and so I kinda like that (just got the wrong badge)

  • sinbaddio 01 Jun 2012

    I do quite like that Ninja Turtle colour scheme - hero in a half shell biggrin

  • Motorrad 01 Jun 2012

    A nail.

    I think an S2 for more money is where I'd be.

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