SOTW: Renault 19 16v Chamade

When I was a nipper, my dad and I used to do a bit of casual karting, and one of the tracks we frequented was Buckmore Park in Kent (still a fabulous track, should you ever get to go). And the boss of the place, at the time, had a Renault 19 16v Chamade, with the registration plate K4 RTY. Or possibly K14 RTY (I can't really remember - I was only 11 years old...).

For some reason, the combination of plate, car and place struck a chord with me and, for a while, I wanted nothing more than to be the owner of Renault 19 K4 RTY (and the kart circuit to go with it, if you please). Seriously, nothing less than ownership of a Ferrari F40 could have been cooler in my eyes.

Of course, after a few years I did slowly begin to realise that my object of youthful lust was actually little more than the booted version of a good-but-not-spectacular hot hatch, and my ardour for it cooled somewhat.

K4 RTY has left more than a lingering trace of love for the 16v Chamade with me, though. But that is (in part) justified by a gutsy 140hp 1.8 and a surprisingly low 1070kg kerbweight that actually endow the 19 with a decent turn of pace.

I'm perhaps not as smitten as the vendor, however. He reckons the 19 Chamade is "One of the best driving sporty 90s cars on the road today" (it probably isn't), and that it "looks like a 2008 car" (it really doesn't). He also proffers the suggestion that "if you want to be noticed and want a slice of retro Renault, then this is the car for you", which we might politely describe as mild exaggeration.

Be that as it may, the 19 16v is a quirky, moderately quick and oft-overlooked budget performance car, and this one does seem to have been well looked-after (146k careful miles, don't yer know...).

£950 for the car that, for a while at least, I considered to be as desirable as an F40?* Quite a bargain I'd say...

*I realise people who aren't me may not feel the same way

Advert is reproduced below

Renault 19 16v Chamade For Sale (1993)
£950 Or near offer

One of the best driving sporty 90s cars on the road today fast, reliable and looks like a 2008 car. This car has a history file to die for and includes recent battery, clutch and braking system and has a long tax and MOT. 146k careful miles. The car is finished in dark blue metallic and is well finished with unmarked leather interior, electric sunroof and expensive cd system. The car has PAS and remote locking and excellent alloys wheels with good tyre thread. Genuinely if you want to be noticed and want a slice of retro Renault then this is the car for you! Delivery to mainland can be arranged.


P.H. O'meter

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  • Hitch78 07 Oct 2011

    For a minute I read that you still considered it to be more desirable than an F40! Lovely cars - even the vert had go faster humps on the deck.

    p.s. 146,000 'careful' miles...right

    Edited by Hitch78 on Friday 7th October 07:20

  • Ecurie Ecosse 07 Oct 2011

    Love it!

    My friend had a Phase 1 19 16v Chamade Executive back in the day, with Momo Ferrari wheels and a large stereo. Oh to be young again smile

    God, we had some fun in that car. I haven't seen one for ages.

    He is now in the motor trade and recently , out of interest, looked at what it was now worth on one of the trade car valuation systems.

    It came up as Good £75, Average £50, Poor £25.

  • mrtwisty 07 Oct 2011

    Hmmm, not sure about that one riggers... Even if you got it for £750 the seller would still be pulling your trousers down.

    146k on an L reg frenchie is bloody leggy in my book!

    To each his own though, I guess...

    ETA - It does have good tyre thread though I suppose, worth a few quid those threaded tyres what?

    Edited by mrtwisty on Friday 7th October 07:23

    Edited by mrtwisty on Friday 7th October 07:23

  • MrDarkBlack 07 Oct 2011

    My exact thoughts when reading the ad, "I'm not sure about this one..." Just as has just been said already!

    "It's not my bag, baby."


  • forzaminardi 07 Oct 2011

    The owner is a little too enthusiastic, but I have to admit to quite liking these too, although I don't have any excuse other than I quite like it. It shows how much cars put on lard during the late 90s and early 2000s when a fairly averagely sized car like this weighed relatively little.

    Interesting, left-field shed.

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