SOTW: Saab 9000 Aero

If ever there was a textbook advert for the vendor of a Shed, the copy promoting the sale of today's SOTW would probably be it.

It's detailed without being waffly, it's largely literate, genuinely engaging without being glib and in no way lazy or condescending. Essentially, this is an advert that gives you confidence, that suggests the vendor is a genuine guy who has looked after his charge at least reasonably well and who is not, to put it perhaps a bit bluntly, a fly-by-night shyster who can't string a coherent sentence together.

But enough babbling about the ad itself: what about the car? Well, although a Saab 9000 is not what most purists would call a 'proper' Saab, it is at least not too reliant on purely GM innards, having originally been a joint project between Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Lancia and Saab.

It's also got plenty of that good-old Saab quirkiness - there aren't many hatchbacks among this car's contemporaries, nor FWD offerings. And Saab is probably also the only manufacturer capable of making three-spoke alloys look respectable.

This could well be one heck of a quick shed, too, as the 2.3-litre turbocharged engine put out 225hp as standard and, with an ECU re-map and a de-cat exhaust, the vendor reckons it's good for 270hp. Which would certainly be enough to trouble the front wheels...

The ICE upgrades - which includes subs and amps in the boot - might not be everybody's cup of tea, but the seller has cleverly installed them in the parcel shelf, so they don't utterly ruin luggage space. And if you really don't like them, then they'd probably fetch a bob or two on eBay...

It's definitely a bit of a punt, this Shed, but go in with your eyes open and it could be quite a hoot. And certainly more exciting than the other car we'd shortlisted this week - a squidgily luxurious but thoroughly uncool Volvo 960 3.0...

Cheers to PHer seefarr for the spot!

Advert is reproduced below

Saab 9000 aero (1997)
190,000 miles Β£1,000

-- open to offers, Β£1000? --

Saab 9000 Aero, manual
Scarabe green, sand interior, 190,000 miles.

I have to sell the 9000... at the moment it is not being used and it just isn't enjoying sitting still.
I have had this car for 3 years, in which time it has been fantastic to me, but my head was turned by another model. The car tax man has now written to say that if not insured it has to be declared SORN, which makes it too much hassle to insure just for a run around now and again. So it is now SORN and not insured, although the MOT lasts until July, so you can come and drive it away if you want me to sort out tax for you.

It is a great car with a few little modifications that probably make it quicker in a straight line than my newer 9-3 aero, and also more economic to drive (32+ mpg usually).

Good - serviced at MOT time while i have had it, with oil changes in between. It has Maptun stage 2 ecu, 3" downpipe and full stainless exhaust system (so no catalytic converter is fitted, but i have an in-line pipe and cat which is easily bolted in for MOT purposes... (amazingly it actually passes emissions but most testers won't pass it without one). The wheels are fully re-furbished and virtually mint condition. The interior is great, and is leather conditioned regularly. The exterior is good too, and comes up lovely and shiney! The stereo system is amazing, upgraded all around with some subs and amps in the parcel shelf so that you can take them out easily if you need to use all of the massive boot space. The expensive head unit has single Cd player and auxillary input. It has new headlights from the last MOT which are traditionally an issue - these are left hand drive parts, with stickers on, I couldn't believe how much better these are than the old ones (I also have the old lenses if you want to clean them up and fit them). The tyres are good Toyo Proxes on front and very good P6000 on the back. Its even got half a tank of super unleaded. No significant issues at all, should pass the MOT ok again in July, but as always there are some bad points to consider...

Bad - since sitting still the battery needed charging, when i started it the air con didn't work until i wiggled a fuse out and back in. Unfortunately this has made SRS and ABS lights come on, so it needs clearing on a tech 2 machine (i recommend South Wales Saab Specialists in Cardiff who like this car very much!). Also 2 repairs are required - the ignition switch doesn't click back to position 1 on its own, and the passenger side front door central locking doesn't work. I should have fixed these but didn't get around to it before now declaring it SORN. As mentioned it looks great after a clean but there are two blemishes to note; a patch of rust starting on the windscreen surround and some flakey lacquer on the front skirt below the bumper. This is honestly everything that is wrong with this car. It comes with the usual pointless folder full of receipts to show that it has been loved, and I even put up with the grief from the passengers to give the engine time to warm up and turbo time to cool down.

I hope this car will go to someone who appreciates how good the 9000 is. Insurance group 17 so not for youngsters i guess, although because of its age it only cost me Β£300 a year.

I am looking for offers around Β£1100. It is a good version of this model and parts are probably worth more but I don't have the heart to break up such a good car to get the best money (you feel free to, but don't tell me)
Let me know if you want any more information, photos, etc. pictures are from 2 years ago when had the wheels refurbished, shows a black grille which you can have if you want but has a shiney chrome one fitted now.

P.H. O'meter

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  • B'stard Child 20 Apr 2012

    Different in a nice way

  • carinaman 20 Apr 2012

    smile I've driven one of these, I like SAABs, especially pre-GM ones and badly written adverts are hugely offputting to me.

  • Ozzie Osmond 20 Apr 2012

    That's a shed-load of torque steer!! biggrin

  • El Shafto 20 Apr 2012

    Cracking shed. Can't go wrong with a turbo-charged Swedish shed!

  • cybersimon 20 Apr 2012

    The Type 4 body was " a joint project between Peugeot, Fiat, Lancia and Saab. "

    I thought it was Alfa Romeo, not Peugeot. Where is your anorak?

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