Bridge to Gantry in a 306 GTI-6: Time for Coffee?

Need a pick me up on a dreary Wednesday morning? This should do it. Yes, it's a Nurburgring lap video, but likely a rather different one to usual. There's no supercar and racing driver combo here, rather a 19-year-old 306 GTI-6 stripped of its interior and a lad in Vans driving it like he's Gilles Panizzi- marvellous.

The Peugeot isn't quite standard - fettled here and there with some suspension and brake tweaks - but it is about as far away from track day supercar posturing as it's possible to imagine. Basic, old and without frills, it must have cost all-in what a carbon fibre exterior pack will set you back on a 600LT. But it is quick, and it looks sublime fun.

While a Renaultsport Clio has become the go-to cheap track hatch of recent years, it's easy to forget what a gem the 306 was - as proven in this video. Spoiler alert: it's not the tidiest lap you'll ever see, though it is one of the more entertaining, the 306's famed balance and adjustability exploited to full effect. So yes, sometimes there is some silly oversteer, but also some lovely moments seeing the car manipulated subtly and effectively into a turn as well as anything. It always was a fine chassis, and even more so with a few upgrades.

With a great car, legendary track and some very handy driving, we can't think of anything better to accompany a morning brew. And if the video reignites a long-lost lust for a 306, then we've just the thing - this blue GTI-6 has a few track-suited modifications, and it's only £2,000. They won't get any cheaper...


[Images: Camber and Combustion, via Facebook]


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Comments (115) Join the discussion on the forum

  • Kawasicki 08 May 2019

    nice driving.

  • Pothole 08 May 2019

    I miss mine. Given what I've spent on cars since, especially the money pit that replaced it, I should just have got it fully sorted...coulda, woulda, shoulda...

  • WCZ 08 May 2019

    very very good driving

    goes to show how much difference expensive kw suspension makes coupled with a good driver

    1 second faster than the sport auto times of BMW M135i and the Porsche Boxster S 987

    wondering what a 182 trophy could do it in now!

  • SS2. 08 May 2019

    A couple of hairy moments in that video which had me twitching !

    Takes me back, though - not to the track, but to having two GTi-6s in the past cloud9

    Must resist the temptation to nip over to AutoTrader and see what they're going for these days..

  • Chr1sch 08 May 2019

    I absolutely loved my old GTI-6 - fantastic chassis for a track car

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