Bugatti Baby II revealed in production form

In amongst the notable automotive anniversaries being celebrated in 2019, the 110 years since Bugatti's first car was almost in danger of being forgotten. Well, there was the '110 ans Bugatti' Chiron, but that was easily lost in the Geneva hubbub. And the Chiron SS 300+ is exceptionally cool, though not directly linked to the 100-and-a-bit party. The Baby II, however, most certainly was - and here's the first prototype.

Back at Geneva, the Baby was merely a 3D-printed model - but that didn't stop 500 buyers stumping up €30,000 (plus taxes and delivery) for one within three weeks of the reveal. Now with the first prototype complete, the Little Car Company - the UK company in charge of building the Baby - has announced additional specs. Buyers will be able to choose from a 'regular' Baby II (built with a composite body), a Baby II Vitesse (with carbon body and Speed Key to up power and remove the speed limiter) then a Baby II Pur Sang - yes, really - with an aluminium body and the Speed Key. All models will be offered with either a 1.4kWh battery and a 2.8kWh long-range one, the latter likely to boost range to around 19 miles. Weight will be around 230kg, although that will vary depending on construction material.

Otherwise the specification and details mirror those seen or hinted at with the Geneva car: see the turned aluminium dash, a chassis number plaque and a solid silver badge sat proud on the nose. Protective parents (or partners) will be pleased to know that the Baby II also features a remote control as standard equipment, allowing the car to be disabled at up to 50m away...

Finally, while all Babys are provisionally French Racing Blue with black leather, buyers will be able to choose from plenty more options. The press release mentions "the same solid contemporary colours as the Chiron" as well as "a selection of vintage colours" that pay homage to events and drivers of Bugatti's illustrious past.

Oh yes, and definitely finally, all Baby II buyers will get membership of The Little Car Club as part of the purchase price. This will permit them to attend events "where they, their children and their grandchildren can drive their cars at famous motor racing circuits." And what better family bonding activity could there be than that?

"When a company with such a colourful and proud history as Bugatti turns 110, you can allow yourself to look into the rear-view mirror a little bit more than you usually would. Thus, it is only fitting for our anniversary year to revive the Bugatti Baby", said Stephan Winkelmann, a sentiment we'd entirely agree with. The Little Car Company will begin production next year and, yes, arrangements are already being made for a test drive. Interested parties praying for a build slot should join the reserve list at - good luck!




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Comments (6) Join the discussion on the forum

  • Kawasicki 18 Sep 2019

    I had a model of a blue Type 35 when I was a kid that I just loved. What a cool looking machine.

  • CAMELZED 18 Sep 2019

    I once had a model steam engine off mum and dad for Xmas. Cost £1. Boohoo😭!

  • SuperPav 18 Sep 2019

    This is unbelievably cool.

  • morgs_ 18 Sep 2019

    I want one of these so badly and I don't even have kids yet hehe

    Kawasicki said:
    I had a model of a blue Type 35 when I was a kid that I just loved. What a cool looking machine.
    Me too, still have it somewhere! One of my favourite cars of all time.

  • Nerdherder 18 Sep 2019


    A Cyclekart sized one for dad too please so I can race with my sons. smile

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