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While everyone remembers the 205, it takes a more committed Peugeotphile to identify the 104 - despite it being the car's direct predecessor. Launched in the early 70s, the 104 was sold over here for a decade before the 205's introduction, though now it's believed that just 12 remain taxed on UK roads. So when one emerges on the PH forums...

PHer 'sjabrown' - who also goes by Steven - is something of a Peugeot enthusiast. His 'My Garage' shows three 205 GTIs in his previously owned (a pair of 1.6s and a 1.9), with one still in the stable as well. It's easy to see how the 104 appealed, then: "I've always liked older French cars for some odd reason,'' Steven says; combine that with a desire for a working classic and the 104 ticked all the boxes nicely.

This 1,360cc 104S has actually only been in the UK since the end of last year, where it was made roadworthy by its previous owner before reaching Steven. Still, there are said to be "a long list of bits and pieces to do", including a service, replacing door seals and remedy a sticking brake caliper. Plenty to keep the thread updated with then, and we look forward to seeing how this classic project progresses. After all, there's not likely to be another 104 thread along anytime soon...

Read the full thread here.

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