Abarth Sunday Service Review

On Sunday we went to Abarth's HQ in Slough to celebrate the 70th birthday of an Italian icon, and what a great morning it was! It was a bit cold and very un-spring like, but the variety of cars and plentiful 1.4 T-Jet burble kept us all alert and happy; the coffee, pizza and cupcakes provided for free were all delicious, too. We all know how the Italians do pizza, so it's no surprise then that it was bloody tasty...

It's easy to forget how much of a following certain cars have, and the Abarth models certainly fall into the "large following" category - the variety of 124s, 500s, 595s and 695s that turned up (from both the owners club and PH) was enormous! And they all looked fantastic; a Martini paint scheme adorned one, a matching pair of Adrenalina Green 124 Spider and 595 stood out from the crowd, and a lovely little Autobianchi A112 took pride of place at the start of the line, as well as lots of varieties in between.

The Abarths weren't the only cars that stood out, though. If you headed to the rear car park, there were plenty of of interesting cars; a fantastic little Renault Sport Spider (which, according to the owner, was rather less than brilliant to drive, but loved for that reason) dwarfed by our Cupra Ateca, a stunningly cool Ferrari 456 (which turned up fashionably late), a teeny tiny, but very lovely, Lotus Elise 250 Cup and a Porsche 911 GT3 RS looking suitably moody in the sheltered area. Also in attendance was one of our favourite big brutes - the BMW E61 M5 - which made our MX-5 it was parked next to look very dainty indeed.

So, was Abarth's 70th birthday party a success? Yes, we definitely think it was, and we hope you agree. It was a great morning, and we hope to return to party with them again in the future. Thank you to everyone who attended, and a big thanks to Abarth for having us!

Keep an eye out for the next Sunday Service, or if you can't wait to get on another PH event, check out our Sporting Tour South, where we'll be touring 170 miles of Kent's countryside in the sun (hopefully), and finishing up with auto tests at Brands Hatch, on 13th April. See you there!

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P.H. O'meter

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