Alfa Romeo 155 TI DTM: Time For Coffee?

Even more than a quarter of a century after it happened, Alfa's domination of the 1993 DTM with the 155 V6 TI remains a remarkable achievement. This was the German touring car championship, typically dominated by German cars and drivers. In the six years prior to the Alfa's win, only one non-German car took the title, and two non-German drivers. In the three years of the DTM/ITC after the 155 triumph and before the championship as it was then folded, only cars and drivers from the championship's homeland won it.

Arguably of even greater note than the 155's success, however, was the way in which it was achieved. The way the V6 TI looked and sounded (producing peak power at a wild 11,500rpm) meant it was a fan's favourite from the get-go, a point that stands to this day.

Therefore little justification was required to feature this video, a highlights reel of a TI at the Nurburgring GP track. Even amongst DTM contemporaries the Alfa makes a truly outrageous sound, the kind of high pitched V6 shriek that's both rare and yet unmistakable. And, well, it's not going to happen again, either - without wishing to usher in the New Year with too bleak a message.

So there we are, five minutes of Alfa V6 bliss to banish the festive stupor. It's probably best enjoyed with a strong espresso, too, for the full Italian-style morning rejuvenation. And finally, Alfa, how about a touring car renaissance with the Giulia? Supercars in Australia is going to twin-turbo V6s, the Quadrifoglio has a twin-turbo V6... Anyway, we're getting ahead of ourselves. Enjoy the vid!


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  • The Prof 02 Jan 2019


  • Coldfuse 02 Jan 2019

    Epic noise from an epic car!

  • SmudgeQ4 02 Jan 2019

    Awesome car and what an engine!

  • sunbeam alpine 02 Jan 2019

    Love these (although I'm biased).

    Here's mine -

    Snapped by another PH-er at the MB World Sunday Service a couple of years ago.

    1993 Alfa 155 Q4.

  • generationx 02 Jan 2019

    They're awesome things - I saw them racing in the DTM at Donington Park in '95 (?), and there was one at the Oldtimer GP at the 'Ring last year. Sounded epic.

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