Alfa Romeo 4C Spider Italia heads to US

It feels odd describing the Alfa Romeo 4C as a bit long in the tooth because it looks as youthful today as it did back in 2013. But the sports car is closing in on the final leg of production with no direct successor due, so forgive us if we begin to reappreciate its stunning form via a pair of rose tinted spectacles. Before we get all teary-eyed, however, Alfa's not given up on the pretty two-seater just yet, as shown by a new model, of which only 15 examples are due to be made.

The 4C Spider Italia - which we suspect is named as such to link the model with the supercars from Alfa's more sporting cousin from down the road - is a US-only model with some extra bits as standard to set it apart from the regular cabriolet. The Italia is finished in Misano Blue Metallic, a shade that's exclusive to the variant, and gets a piano black front air intake and rear diffuser. There are also Italia decals on the rear quarters.

Inside, there's an aluminium dash insert with the 4C Spider Italia logo and a numbered plate on the centre console, to remind your passenger that only 14 other cars are finished in this specification. And, well, that's all, because the rest of the car is standard 4C Spider, meaning Alfa's 1.7-litre turbo four lives just behind your head and produces 240hp with 258lb ft of torque. 62mph comes in 4.5 seconds and top speed is still 161mph.

That six years after the Alfa 4C was first launched it remains an exotic-looking package, both in terms of design and hardware, speaks volumes for the original effort. Although despite its compact dimensions and carbon tub-enabled lightness, it never managed to invigorate driving enthusiasts like, say, the Alpine A110. Sales for the 4C coupe weren't enough to ensure its survival beyond 2018, and the Spider's demise could be months, rather than years, away.

Alfa plans to indirectly replace the 4C with a coupe version of the Giulia, which could be a mighty fine thing indeed. The top version of that car will go toe-to-toe with the next BMW M4 armed, if we're to believe the rumours, with a V6 hybrid boosted by an energy recovery system. Quite the contrast to the comparably pared-back 4C, but as the Giulia Quadrifoglio saloon has shown, one that has much potential to thrust Alfa back into the enthusiast spotlight.

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  • Mafffew 08 Feb 2019

    It is a shame it didn't get good reviews. I still want one though cloud9

  • Ruskins 08 Feb 2019

    All it needed was a suspension tweak and a better steering wheel...

  • kambites 08 Feb 2019

    I still don't get all the gushing over its looks. It has some nice details but overall it's just plain ugly to my eyes.

  • Crazy4557 08 Feb 2019

    I think they could have been a bit more imaginative about the colour. Seems they've asked what paint colour needs using up in the store because it doesn't sell well and seen a random pot of blue that would be enough for 15 cars.

  • underphil 08 Feb 2019

    these look so much better in real life compared to the pictures

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