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Ferrari 250 GTO on track | Time for Tea

The new Roma is all about Ferrari's future. The 250 GTO embodies its glorious past...

By Sam Sheehan / Friday, November 15, 2019

It’s a crying shame that 2018’s record-breaking $48.4m auction sale price for a 250 GTO has somewhat overshadowed the model’s achievements in motorsport. The car came from Ferrari’s sportscar racing heyday and represents one of the very last – and unquestionably prettiest – examples of a front-engined V12 to dominate in the world of GT racing. Yet such is the world today, the 250 GTO has increasingly become known as the investor’s dream Ferrari. As we know, however, it is so so much more than that.

Praise drivers like Nicky Pastorelli and videographers like Robert Alblas for creating footage like this, then, which reminds us just how terrific Maranello’s sixties homologation special can be when the covers are pulled off and it’s let loose on the asphalt. Alblas told PH that he produced the two minute 21 second film you’ll find below entirely to illustrate “the beauty of the car and the pure racing experience it gives”, as demonstrated at Zandvoort by its very enthusiastic pedaler, Dutch pro racer Pastorelli. And we think it does the job remarkably well.

The car in question has been built by Roelofs Engineering in Holland to original race specification, and the camera angles Alblas provides us with show just how wonderfully balanced this machine is. Pastorelli is decisive with his steering and throttle inputs and the 250 GTO responds beautifully willingly, appearing to flow around the corners like all the greatest vintage racers do. Not to mention that heavenly V12 soundtrack - we encourage you to dig out the headphones and watch this one at high volume. Sod atmospherically controlled garages, 250 GTOs belong out on track like this.

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