Lamborghini restores Jean Todt's Miura

It seems unlikely that you'll read a cooler headline about car news this month; maybe this year, in fact. Here's a Lamborghini Miura SV, in perhaps the best colour scheme for one, owned by Jean Todt - FIA president, former Ferrari CEO and WRC co-driver, just for starters - and now restored by Lamborghini Polo Storico. Oh yes, and shown at Retromobile in Paris, in case it needed to be any more off the scale awesome.

This 1972 SV, chassis number #3673, was originally a destroyed 1968 Miura S. Back then, see, building a sports car off an old chassis "was not particularly rare", says Lamborghini. Building something new from an old chassis would prevent high import taxes being charged in certain countries, and meant original registration documents could be kept.

Originally delivered to South Africa, Todt's Miura has been back with Lamborghini for 13 months; while delivered complete but showing "signs of wear and tear", the SV was completely dismantled to "verify each and every detail". Part of the Polo Storico methodology is to repair and restore rather than replace, to maintain originality - hence it taking the time.

You will probably agree, however, that the results are more than worth than effort, helped to some extent by this gorgeous on-location photography. The keys were handed over to Todt by Lamborghini CEO Stefano Domenicali, with the car on display at Retromobile until Sunday. Should be one heck of a drive home...

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Comments (33) Join the discussion on the forum

  • sheepdip 07 Feb 2019

    What no electrification!

  • Evilex 07 Feb 2019

    Given that my primary association of Today is with Ferrari during the Schumacher era, I find it vaguely ironic that he's got one of these.

    I presume he has some Ferraris, too.

    Either way, hats off to him for having good taste.
    Hope he drives it.

  • DannyScene 07 Feb 2019

    Wow! Never had any love for the miura but this one might've just changed that

    Absolutely stunning!

  • scottygib553 07 Feb 2019

    gets rushed to A&E because of a priapasm

  • Greg the Fish 07 Feb 2019

    former head of Ferrari handed keys back to his Lambo from a former head of Ferrari now CEO of Lamborghini.

    Could only happen in the weird world of Italian supercars.

    Love it.

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