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Lamborghini sales up again for 2019

2020 might be a concern, but nearly 5,000 Urus sales made 2019 a record-breaking one at Sant'Agata

By Dafydd Wood / Thursday, March 19, 2020

Performance manufacturers may be much maligned for 'selling out' their brand heritage and 'cashing-in' on the current SUV trend, but for evidence of why they'd be tempted to, look no further than the Lamborghini Urus. Figures for 2018 revealed that, despite only arriving in April, the new model was largely responsible for the 51 per cent increase in sales which the company enjoyed that year. In total, Lamborghini moved 5,750 vehicles, an increase of 1,935 over the previous 12-month period, with the Urus accounting 1,761 of those orders.

At the time, Sam wondered just how well the Urus might perform given a full year to play with, and now we know the answer: very. In 2019, Lamborghini's global sales increased again, by 43 per cent this time, from 5,750 to 8,205. In the space of just two years, then, the company has more than doubled the 3,815 cars it sold in 2017 while, crucially, continuing to control the supply of its core Huracan and Aventador models and retaining the exclusivity for which it has long been known.

And the Urus? It accounted for 4,962 of those 8,205 vehicles (Aventador - 1,104, Huracan - 2,139), pushing Lamborghini to record sales figures in every region. The outcome was a 28 per cent increase in turnover from €1.42 billion to €1.81 billion, a result which should stand the company in good stead as it enters an incredibly uncertain year for the industry in 2020, one which has already seen it forced to temporarily shut down its factory due to the spread of Coronavirus.

Lamborghini CEO, Stefano Domenicali, said of the situation: "In Fiscal Year 2019 Lamborghini continued its sustained history of growth, setting new historic highs in all key business figures. While celebrating these figures we must underline the extraordinariness of the situation in which we find ourselves right now, from both a human and corporate perspective, due to the worldwide spread of Coronavirus.

Our country is living through a situation that could never have been expected and on behalf of the company I would like to thank all the people, especially those in the services, medical and health sectors, institutions and the security forces that are contributing to manage this crisis in a remarkable way.

In only a few days our habits and our interpersonal relationships have changed, with this scenario being reflected across the world. We need to be ready to react rapidly to these new circumstances, and in a rational and effective way. The excellent start to the year 2020, confirmed by sales numbers in the first two months, gives us the right motivation in order to be ready and proactive in facing this entirely new and unimaginable challenge.

Our 2019 results reflect the talent and dedication of all Lamborghini staff around the world and we thank them and our shareholders for their trust and continuing support. We are sure of the strength, the energy, the enthusiasm, the passion and the deliberateness that characterize the women and men in Lamborghini, including during these difficult times. Building on our results so far, we continue to prepare for further sustainable growth and new opportunities in innovation and technology in order to reach new future milestones."

Aventador/Huracan pics | Dafydd Wood

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