Maserati announces V8 Levante prices

Seemingly not a day can pass in 2019 without something performance SUV related emerging in the news. And today that is no different, with Maserati confirming availability of the V8 Levantes in the UK from £105,000.

The Trofeo was launched at New York last year (with the GTS following at Shanghai), to some considerable surprise; everyone thought that the F-Pace SVR was the super SUV of the show, only to be gazumped by a Maserati Levante boasting even more power. With a 0-60mph time of less than four seconds and a top speed approaching 190mph, the Levante's performance credentials in battling cars like the Range Rover Sport SVR and BMW X5 M aren't in any doubt.

Whether it will be able to match those cars elsewhere remains to be seen, though we do now know how much it will cost. Kicking off the V8 Levante range will be the 530hp GTS, priced from £104,900 and boasting what Maserati calls "and elegant exterior restyling"; with an "even more aggressive and head turning presence", the GTS is £5,000 more than a Cayenne Turbo, which will likely be its closest rival.

The 580hp Trofeo is described by Maserati as "unmistakable", and will cost from £124,900. That sort of prices places it beyond the conventional German rivals (though it does have more power), and there's further scope to do so with the Launch Edition. Distinguished by three exclusive colours - Blu Emozione, Giallo Modenese or Rosso Magma - and additional carbon fibre, there will be just 50 Trofeo Launch Editions in the UK. Each will cost £159,900...

With the cars available to order now and making a dynamic debut at Goodwood next month, the V8 Levantes can't be far off reaching UK customers. Would it be your super SUV of choice? Or do the more established rivals hold greater appeal?

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  • oilit 20 Jun 2019

    As someone who has fallen out of love with SUV's a good few years ago, I have to say that looks rather good - I like the departure from 'the norm' in the front grille area.

    I could be tempted back by this or the upcoming DBX ... when they have depreciated by 70% !!

    Edited by oilit on Thursday 20th June 11:37

  • sam_jw 20 Jun 2019

    Seems very pricey?

  • PhantomPH 20 Jun 2019

    sam_jw said:
    Seems very pricey?
    I thought the same thing, but I cannot really put why I think that into words - just feels overpriced to me.

    I know what I am about to say is potentially missing the point, but DOUBLE the base price....for an engine? (Yes, I know there is XYZ option on there, I'm not daft)

    Mind you, I suppose if some of the proceeds go into the pot for the (so far vapourware) GT replacement, then I shouldn't complain...

  • Ares 20 Jun 2019

    sam_jw said:
    Seems very pricey?
    Depends on what you compare it with.

    At 580bhp it's approached Urus levels....and a bargain comparatively.

    The 530bhp one is in the ballpark of the Cayenne in price and power, but an expensive means of getting an extra 20-30bhp over the F-Pace/Stelvio. I suspect Maserati would claim (probably rightly) they are a premium option compared to those though.

    Either way, that has my vote for best offered SUV on the market. Trofeo in unassuming matt dark grey as above please.

  • Ares 20 Jun 2019

    PhantomPH said:
    I know what I am about to say is potentially missing the point, but DOUBLE the base price....for an engine? (Yes, I know there is XYZ option on there, I'm not daft)
    Isn't that the same for pretty much every car though??

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