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Totem GTelectric is a 525hp Alfa EV

Alfaholics does restomods one way, Totem Automobili is going to do them another...

By Matt Bird / Monday, March 30, 2020

The recent trend for electrifying classic cars is hard to miss: Jaguar is doing it, Aston Martin is doing it, entire companies like Electric Classic Cars are doing it. While there's clearly demand from certain quarters, nothing quite enrages the purists like ripping the heart and soul from an old car and stuffing in a load of batteries. We're inclined to agree, regardless of the usability and performance benefits of electrification.

Totem Automobili is the latest company to have a go at the swap, although its approach is far more involved than those we've seen so far. It's GTelectric, built from a GT Junior, shares just 10 per cent of its chassis with the base car. Besides that, it's all new.

So the platform itself is now predominantly aluminium - to accommodate the extra weight of the batteries, presumably, but also to handle the additional power - the body panels are now all carbon fibre, the lights are new, the suspension now more modern and the interior completely overhauled. Despite still very clearly influenced by a GT Junior, the GTelectric isn't really a classic Alfa at all. And that's before we get to the powertrain.

Out has gone the old twin-cam, to be replaced by an electric motor and a 350kg, 50.4kWh battery pack. At present, the claims are for a stupendous 525hp, 693lb ft, and 0-62mph in 3.4 seconds; no wonder, then, that so little of the original car remains. A range of 200 miles is quoted.

Totem's Instagram is full of lovely assembly pics, from integrated roll bars to new subframes, Brembo brakes to carbon weave. It looks like a very serious project, basically, one with money behind it rather than a mere flight of fancy. That it was meant to appear at the Festival of Speed would appear to back that up - because Goodwood exhibiting ain't cheap - although when that will actually be now nobody is quite sure. One to keep an eye out for nonetheless!

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