Pic Of The Week: Caterham R600

OK, so we've already POTW'd the Caterham R600. But, having driven it and still giddy with adrenaline off the back of it several days later, we thought it deserved another spell on your desktop in authentically grey and moody December gloom from the press launch in Lincolnshire.

'Do you want slicks on?' Er, no ta, wets fine
'Do you want slicks on?' Er, no ta, wets fine
It is, suffice to say, an absolute lunatic of a car. And an amusing two fingers up to the tech-obsessed world most modern sports and/or supercars now inhabit. The 500hp per tonne power to weight ratio isn't far off that of a Bugatti Veyron but the two couldn't be more different in how they go about it, the R600 taking the most basic ingredients but cooking them up with absolute skill and attention to detail. Stretching the analogy somewhat it's basic bangers and mash, albeit made with the very finest sausages known to man and mashed potato so creamy it seems to lift off the plate of its own accord. Or something like that. Is it lunchtime already?

You get the point. And you can read the full story and watch the world's shakiest onboard footage of our drive here. Scared? You should be! In a good way.

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  • Marwood79 21 Dec 2012

    One word to describe this car: fizzy

    Love it. Want a go.

  • WMP 21 Dec 2012

    pink champagne is fizzy, this car is apocalyptically bonkers!

  • Mike Wood SST 01 Jan 2013

    Happy New Year to one and all.

    I must be getting old, as I have lost touch with Caterham model changes, particularly the latest extreme version. Anyone else remember when the extreme versions were Ford BDR and the HPC models , the latter with its own specialist driving course, if you wanted more than the 1700cc Ford Crossflow twin Weber Super Seven? And live axle cars, and new IRS using a Sierra diff?

    Bit like on the current Citroen C6 thread where someone talks about 'genuine cars' - what are the definitive versions of a model? As a car nut I feel similarly lost when it comes to the myriad of '911' clones (sorry models) after early 1990s!

    I'll get my coat...

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