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The 007 Aston Martin DB5 | Pic of the Week

It's not every week you drive the most famous movie car there is, so here's more of that gorgeous DB5

By Matt Bird / Sunday, February 23, 2020

Surely there's no more to say about the Bond DB5 - is there? A star of our screens in perhaps the most famous movie franchise of them all for more than half a century, the Silver Birch Aston Martin is probably as recognisable as 007 himself. If not more recognisable, given this hasn't changed a jot since the 1960s...

Doesn't really need to, does it? Even now, after so many years and so many appearances, nothing quite captures the attention and imagination like BMT 216A in some faraway location. Well, that is assuming you're also a bit of a Bond nerd - there must be a few on PH.

Therefore, with the DB5 (and its newly built stunt double) driven on PistonHeads this week, and a whole catalogue of images from the movie production available, it only seemed right to make it a POTW wallpaper. On set at dusk in Matera, a gorgeous town in southern Italy, it's hard to think of a superior car and landscape pairing for a great desktop wallpaper. But we'll endeavour, of course, to go one better next week...

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