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Ah the old ‘what could that money get you second-hand?’ game. We all play it in our minds whenever we read about a new car, and if you’ve seen our 992 Carrera S review and noted its £93,110 starting price, it’s likely you envisioned all the higher performance offerings available on the used market for the same cash. You can get some serious supercar metal for the money, and still fairly new cars like the brilliant McLaren 540C are available for less than a hundred grand. But did anyone ever think a 650S would dip so low so soon?

Today’s Spotted is an example of exactly that, a 650S supercar that was built to rival Ferrari’s 458 Italia and continued the fight when the 488 GTB arrived, yet if you buy one today you’ll get a tenner in change back from £90,000. So cheap (in terms of its performance) is this 650S that it’s £25k less than the lowest-priced 458 Italia and is amongst 540Cs in the listings. Much of that is probably to do with the fact its successors made such big strides forward in fit and finish; but let us not forget the 650S remains a brilliant supercar.

Remind yourself of the stats. The 650S does 0-125mph in 8.4 seconds, which is three seconds better than the brand new 992 911 Carrera S, and tops out at a very exotic 207mph. The 650S chassis, based around McLaren’s MonoCell carbon-fibre tub, is rather good as well. DT put it this way back in 2014: “Drive neatly and smoothly and it'll ruthlessly dissect a track in a way you'd expect. But when you start getting scrappy and more aggressive it responds in kind.” The 650S added the fun to McLaren’s lap time-focussed range.

It’s true that those not bothered by ultimate performance and wanting the most rounded supercar offering might be better off looking at the 540Cs, several of which surround our 650S in the classifieds. They’re newer and lower mileage, are even more docile at low speed and have extra suppleness in their softest mode. But what PHer would turn down the chance of owning a Super Series model over the younger Sports Series car for the same purchase price?

According to several owners in the forums, 650S ownership need not involve more than a “few knocks and niggles” now and then. Still, we shouldn’t be fooled by the low sale price of today’s Spotted, this £90k car will not come with £90k car running costs. A new 992 CS is likely to remain the far cheaper proposition for ownership, even if we exclude the fact it’ll come with a manufacturer warranty. The 650S is a proper supercar, so one with 41,000 miles on the odometer may be fast approaching some pretty big maintenance bills.

But it’s a McLaren 650S, the car that took it to Ferrari’s 458 with twin-turbo 3.8-litre V8 power. It remains savagely fast by 2019 measures and looks equally as exciting, partly thanks to McLaren’s decision to retain that front end look on much of its present line-up. Given the big strides forward each new McLaren has taken in the years following the 650S’s launch, it’s very plausible that prices for the model haven’t yet reached rock bottom. But at £90k - £105k less than its original list – this one can’t be far off, surely?


Engine: 3,799cc V8 twin-turbo
Transmission: 7-speed dual-clutch auto (SSG), rear-wheel drive
Power (hp): 650@7,500rpm
Torque (lb ft): 500@6,000rpm
MPG: 24.2
CO2: 275g/km
First registered: 2014
Recorded mileage: 41,000
Price new: £195,250
Yours for: £89,990

See the original advert here.

Click here to find a McLaren 650S.

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  • Andy83n 12 Sep 2019

    Nice but the owner made the perhaps criminal mistake of building the car in white.

  • AmosMoses 12 Sep 2019

    So much car for the money eek

  • GranCab 12 Sep 2019


  • Tuvra 12 Sep 2019

    I have been monitoring the prices of McLarens for a while, this 12C spider to my eyes looks like an absolute steal at £75k:-

    Think I am a little bit in love with it, 47k miles or not cloud9

  • fernando the frog 12 Sep 2019

    i'd much rather an MP4-12C, the facelifts never looked right IMO

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