Audi Coupe: Spotted

Has there ever been a harder act to follow than the Audi Quattro? All Audi coupes since have been in the iconic car's shadow, so much so that today's Spotted represents the last time the German marque tried to continue its lineage, before giving up and starting afresh with the TT.

Appearance-wise the B3 Coupe is a rather handsome car. It's angles just rounded enough to remove it aesthetically from the realm of the B2, while that full-width rear light bar conjures up the later, B4-based RS2. Not only were the panels well styled, but they were well built, too, with each one fully galvanized to protect it from rust. As a result, properly maintained examples can be relied upon to provide years of faithful service.

I should know, as it was an Audi Coupe not too dissimilar to this which provided a great deal of my transport during many of my formative years. Contemporary reviews lamented the car's lack of power-to-weight performance, but I certainly don't remember speed being an issue for my mother as she flew down the South Walian B-roads in a desperate attempt to ensure I wasn't late for school, for once.

But I digress. This example ought to be reliable not because of rose-tinted childhood memories, but because of its seemingly relentlessly scrupulous owner. The ad demonstrates an incredibly meticulous approach, along with an invitation to see the fruits of that labour for yourself, which should put even the most sceptical buyer at ease.

Under the heading of 'good bits' fall the car's reasonably low mileage, the absence of any dents or dings, a fully functioning suite of electrics, four brand new tyres, and the fact that the car remains completely original. In the not so good column sits only the need for a little paint and wheel refurb and the common complaint of a worn driver's seat bolster. The seller claims that the Audi didn't put a foot wrong when his wife used it last winter, "although she is 27 years old now, she is in great condition that belies her age (the car, not the wife)."

According to the internet, the MOT expires this week, but with such fastidious maintenance it'll surely fly through many more. It may not boast the same status as its Quattro forebear, or the dynamic traits of its successor, but with only 60,000 miles on the clock and an asking price of just £3,250, it'll be hard to match the venerable Audi Coupe for interesting and reliable daily motoring on a budget.


Engine: 1,984cc, 4-cyl
Transmission: 5-speed manual, front-wheel drive
Power (hp): 112@5,300rpm
Torque (lb ft): 124@3,250rpm
CO2: N/A
First registered: 1991
Recorded mileage: 59,966
Yours for: £3,250

See the full ad here.

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  • gforceg 10 Jul 2018

    Pretty sure they aren't RWD as described in the details at the bottom.

    I still quite like these.

  • rudester 10 Jul 2018

    I've always had a soft spot for these. They just ooze quality. It'd have to be the 2.8 for me though

  • Arese1973 10 Jul 2018

    Had an 'N' reg 2.0 coupe, it was quite slow around town but OK on the motorway when up to speed. Rear light clusters seemed to fill up with water frequently, ended up drilling a small hole in the bottom of the clusters. Would personally go for a V6 if I was looking for one for the reason above.

  • Helicopter123 10 Jul 2018

    Very sensible Coupe motoring for someone.

  • 1781cc 10 Jul 2018

    gforceg said:
    Pretty sure they aren't RWD as described in the details at the bottom.
    Correct, not RWD, only came as FWD or 4WD

    I had the FWD 2.0 16v and my brother had an S2 4WD back in the day both B4 derived, but the peace of the B3 is the quattro variant, heavy, but great cars

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