Lexus GS F: Spotted

Typically these classifieds-based features focus on older cars picked from PistonHeads, but this Lexus GS F was just too tempting to ignore. Even if the has actually only been on sale for just a couple of years. Is there a story to tell?

Rarity guaranteed, at least
Rarity guaranteed, at least
Most certainly. The past 12 months has seen the arrival of both the BMW M5 and Mercedes-AMG E63, the latest generation of super saloons from Germany. Fantastic achievements they are too, packing huge technology and speed into incredible luxury saloons. But there's an argument to say they're now so super they're a bit silly - power is so high that they require four-wheel drive to be usable, they're fast enough to get you to ban territory in the UK in eight seconds, and what are you actually going to do with drift mode in a five-metre long, two-tonne car?

Now the Lexus GS F, while not old fashioned, does offer a more traditional - and some might say just as appealing - sports saloon package. Torque, kerbweight and tyre size are very similar to the E39 M5, for example, and how often do you hear that still mentioned as the definitive sports saloon? Without turbos you might have to work a bit harder for the performance, but all things are relative - this remain a 170mph, 470hp car.

Could have straightened the wheel...
Could have straightened the wheel...
It's also now a £40,000 car, making all those arguments about it being too costly against the opposition a lot less convincing. Sure, it's new versus used, but this GS F was registered last year and still has a four-figure mileage, so it's hardly on its last legs. And just be glad you're not the one who's lost £30K on it, if indeed it's had an owner after the dealership.

It's a fantastic spec, in black with red leather, albeit one of the early and therefore one without the variable damper upgrade. Still, that's hardly the end of the world - this remains a fast, interesting, very talented sports saloon that remains different to the norm. You'd like to think it would be trustworthy too, being a nearly new Lexus and all.

Of course the concern remains about depreciation - where on earth will it end up if it's £40K already? Remember though that the old IS F hasn't yet gone below £15K that we've seen after 10 years on sale, no doubt helped by its rarity. You would have to assume (or hope, depending on whether you're observer or purchaser) that the same would be true for the GS. It will continue to shed value, if not all the way down to Shed money.

Looks wheely good value; not spoken for yet...
Looks wheely good value; not spoken for yet...
Furthermore, while it will cost a fair amount in fuel, tax and whatnot, that's true for all of the GS F's rivals. And to get into any of those for £40K, you're looking at older cars (like this E63) or those with greater mileage (like this M5). Alright, they're faster cars too, but see the earlier argument about that. Though you can have an E63 estate...

Truth is the GS F is never going to be the logical, rational, sensible choice, even amongst that small niche of 500hp saloons. That wasn't the case new, it isn't the case now, and it's unlikely to change in the future. It's an alternative, but then who doesn't like a selection to choose from when making a decision? More than that it's good enough not just to be a different option for the sake of being different. With a generous consumables allowance and an open mind, the Lexus looks like a fine way to travel for a good few years. Don't forget - depreciation doesn't matter if you aren't going to sell it!


Engine: 4,969cc, V8
Transmission: 8-speed auto, rear-wheel drive
Power (hp): 477@7,100rpm
Torque ( lb ft): 391@4,800-5,600rpm
MPG: 25.2
CO2: 260g/km
First registered: 2016
Recorded mileage: 9,000
Price new: £69,995
Yours for: £40,991

See the original advert here.

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  • sidesauce 18 Dec 2017

    As depreciation goes, that will take some beating. £30k in 12 months? Ouch!

  • Vocht 18 Dec 2017

    And this ladies and gentlemen, is why everyone is going turbo. Evolve or get left behind like lexus.

  • Tuvra 18 Dec 2017

    sidesauce said:
    As depreciation goes, that will take some beating. £30k in 12 months? Ouch!
    Absolutely mental eek

  • AmosMoses 18 Dec 2017

    Lovely! Would have this in a heartbeat.

  • Chestrockwell 18 Dec 2017

    Judging by the comments I see on pistonheads on cars like the M5/E63 etc, the GS-F should be flying off the shelf, high revving NA V8, reliale, sounds nice with a relatively low kerbweight compared to rivals and over 10 k cheaper list price new!

    It’s the GT-86 of sport saloons IMO

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