Peugeot 306 Rallye: Spotted

There’s been rather a lot of talk on PH lately about what Peugeot is and isn’t doing right. Everyone has an opinion but of course, it’s easy for us armchair commentators to pick holes. So instead of whinging about Peugeot today, we’ve rooted out a cracking example of Peugeot’s work from yesteryear – and no, it isn’t a 205GTI.

Not many toys. But oodles of fun.
Not many toys. But oodles of fun.
French car cognoscenti will be perfectly well aware of the Rallye line of cars, one which this car sadly seems to have been the last of to date. The ethos was simple: less is more. Less kit, less sound deadening and less weight, in return for more speed and more agility. The Rallye only actually weighed 16kg less than the GTI-6 on which it was based, but it was just enough to give it a harsher, keener edge.

Most people picked the GTI-6, which is no surprise really, as the Rallye was pretty basic. No air con, no leather – not even electric windows. Even the badges were replaced with decals, to save weight. In fact, its spec list ran to... ooh... a digital clock and a stereo, and that was about it. But there were a few people for whom the red, blue and yellow stripes of the Rallye were a badge of honour. They were the hardcore; the ones who’d sacrificed comfort for the ultimate in hot hatch ability.

Lots of paperwork's always a good sign
Lots of paperwork's always a good sign
And today you can be a part of that club for very little cash. Β£1,400, to be precise, which gets you this delightfulblack example with plenty of MOT, tax and history. OK, so it isn’t standard, but the modifications are relatively limited, and the coilover suspension fits the car’s hardcore ethos. Set up properly, this 306 will make a stonking track toy, with one of the best 90s hot hatch chassis, a superb, rev-happy engine, and lift-off oversteer on tap. That, we reckon, sounds like an awful lot of fun for very little wedge.

: 1,998cc 4-cyl
Transmission: 6-speed manual, front-wheel drive
Power (hp): 169@6,500rpm
Torque (lb ft): 145@5,500rpm
MPG: 30
CO2: 219g/km
First registered: 1999
Recorded mileage: 99,000
Price new: Β£15,995
Yours for: Β£1,400

See the original advert here.

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Comments (103) Join the discussion on the forum

  • Andy20vt 16 Apr 2013

    Lovely car, the last great Peugeot.

  • JaguarsportXJR 16 Apr 2013

    Love it. If I knew for certain that my job was moving to a depot a bit further away, I'd snap one of these up in a second.

  • GregMac 16 Apr 2013

    The GTI-6 was a winner for me, hard to see beyond power windows and air conditioning for the sake of some naff stickers and 16 kilos. For me, the 306 Rallye was where it started to go wrong.

  • Baryonyx 16 Apr 2013

    GregMac said:
    The GTI-6 was a winner for me, hard to see beyond power windows and air conditioning for the sake of some naff stickers and 16 kilos. For me, the 306 Rallye was where it started to go wrong.
    Are you stupid? The 306 Rallye was just a continuation of the ethos that had encapsulated all of the Rallye cars. If you were looking for where 'it started to go wrong', you'd have to look to when Peugeot started churning out lacklustre hot hatches and decided that there would be no more Rallye cars. I guess they just thought people weren't interested in good drives anymore.

    Great find on the advert though. I very nearly bought a black 306 Rallye last year. The exclusivity over the GTI-6 would be enough for me, though they are all cracking cars. Now, probably more than ever, the Rallye seems like an ideal choice. The tide has turned on the manufacturers now as enthusiasts complain about new cars looking like deformed, melted blobs of plastic with excessive weight, pensioner-pleasing automatic gearboxes and an 'all frills and no thrills' aura.

    Here is something that doesn't have sat nav, cruise control, massage seats, a garage door opener, a television, a phone, ipod connectivity, insulated cup holders, makeup mirrors etc etc. But it will provide smiles on every journey with it's fantastic engine, super chassis and old-skool charm.

  • Alfa159Ti 16 Apr 2013

    What a cracker.

    So refreshing to see power figures like that.

    Reminds me of a time before the BHP-arms-race when cars didn't have to be putting out crazy power to be fun and feel fast.

    Perhaps it is rose tinted specs, but I always feel the nineties was the pinacle of car development in terms of balance between technology and driver enjoyment.

    I mean cars had enough tech to be easy to live with and not inclined to kill you, but were still light weight and engaging to drive.

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