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Porsche 928 | Spotted

40 years old it may now be, but this 928 is looking better than ever

By Matt Bird / Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Given that now we are nearly 25 years on from the last Porsche 928 having been made, as well as more than 40 from when it scooped that famous European Car of the Year victory, it seems surprising that Porsche hasn't revisited the concept. There's surely a perfectly good base and powertrain selection in the Panamera platform, which could be adapted to suit the two-door GT brief. Given how well we know that car already performs, something sportier and a little lighter with the V8 could prove a great rival for cars like the BMW 8 Series, Bentley Continental GT and maybe even the Aston DB11.

For whatever reason, that hasn't happened. Perhaps because the Panamera is pretty dynamic despite its four-door billing, and the 992 is as much a grand tourer as it is a sports car, so there isn't a gap in the line-up for a front-engined, two-door GT. Seems a shame, because it could be incredible...

Anyway, the absence of a successor arguably makes the original 928 that much more desirable. The reputation, deserved or otherwise, or being the doomed 911 replacement - what a world we might have if that had happened - has been disregarded now as the car's talents as a stylish grand tourer have been recognised. It's a significant Porsche, too, the 928 being the company's first V8-powered car as well as its first entirely new design: the 356 had been derived from a Beetle, then the 911 from that, and the 924 from the abandoned VW/Audi project.

Just as relevantly as all that, though, is the fact that the 928 has always been so cool. Because it was never pitched as something as sporty as a 911, there were never any gaudy 928 special editions; arguably the purity of the styling was compromised as updates during the 80s and 90s added bits and bobs, but even a late GTS has a certain timeless swagger. The car has always managed to look purposeful without imposing, smart without showy and exciting to look at without being excessive. Especially so in 2019, given it'll be the size of a scale model grand tourer, though it's never going to be a dainty classic, either.

This particular colour combination ensured that no other 928 was going to be featured. Pasha upholstery was a legendary trim for the car, made to look all the jazzier here with the light tan leather as well. The green must be an exceptionally rare colour, too, which is a surprise given how good it looks on this particular one. More subdued specs are certainly available, but why not go full 70s' grand tourer if you can?

Furthermore, while the ad is pretty brief, there are a few encouraging details: an engine rebuild, a new interior and a service for the next owner. It would naive to assume that a car this old and this complex will be a breeze to run, though there are useful pointers with this 928 that it'll be as good as any other. That it's being sold through a Porsche specialist, too, should be a good sign, their knowledge of the brand and the cars hopefully useful for ongoing maintenance.

Finally, while £30k will seem a lot to those who see 928s at half the price, values have cooled off from the outrageous asking prices seen not that long ago. As one of the very early cars in an incredible colour combination, this one will surely be an easier sell in future than just another silver 5.0 GT. Or, failing that, you could just keep it until the V8s from the 1970s aren't allowed any more - what a way to see out that classic GT formula this could be...

4,474cc, V8
Transmission: 3-speed automatic, rear-wheel drive
Power (hp): 240@5,500rpm
Torque (lb ft): 258@3,600rpm
MPG: 13 or so
CO2: N/A
First registered: 1979
Recorded mileage: 118,000
Price new: £19,499
Yours for: £29,995


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