Saab 95 V4: Spotted

Though it's been a good few years since Saab shut up shop - despite NEVS doing its best to electrify an old 9-3 - the fact that we're unlikely to see new Saab cars on the roads ever again is still an upsetting one. So, if we're to get some four-wheeled Swedish kicks, we'll have to turn our attention to old ones, and no old Saab seems more attention-grabbing than this tango orange 1974 95 V4.

First launched in 1959, the 95 was Saab's answer to the Volvo Duett - although perhaps not quite as big. The 95 does have seven-seats, though, which instantly makes it a much cooler way of transporting lots of people than the current crop seven-seat SUVs on-sale today. Especially as the two rearmost passengers will be facing the following traffic, providing endless hours of entertainment for cheeky children.

A wheezy little three-cylinder, two-stroke engine initially powered the 95, which produced nearly 40hp. You'd think this would make it rather slow, and you'd be right. But there were some benefits to running a two-stroke, particularly during the harsh winters in Sweden. Firstly, there was no chance of your oil going gloopy and causing issues during cold starting since the lubricating oil is mixed in with your petrol. And secondly, there wasn't quite so much maintenance to do.

However, a two-stroke engine requires you to put in the correct ratio of oil to fuel: too much oil and it smokes terribly, too little, and you seize the engine. Plus, the emissions of such a motor are awful - just imagine how bad the Eastern-Bloc was when all they had were Trabbies and Wartburgs farting out toxic fumes. Saab solved the problem in 1967 when it put a four-stroke Ford V4 into the 95 - thus creating the 95 V4 which we've Spotted today.

With a little tuning - Saab did boast a solid reputation in motorsport, after all - power leapt up to a mighty 65hp and made the slow Saab a little less lethargic. This 95 has been further breathed on, too, and is apparently running a turbo, electronic fuel injection and an uprated gearbox to cope with the dizzying 120hp the advert claims the modifications have unshackled.

The car has had some restoration work carried out to and it certainly does look the part. It's also been modified (I believe that qualifies it as a restomod) and uses air-ride to give it the 'stanced' look when parked up. The advert mentions that the car has been to numerous shows and a quick Google confirms this, pulling up plenty of Pinterest entries as well.

So, we return to the earlier quandary of not seeing any new Saabs in the public domain. By buying this one you'll not be keeping Saabs both on the roads, but in our browsers as well, and likely having a lot of fun in the process. A truly splendid way of keeping the name alive.

1,698cc, four-cylinder, n/a
Transmission: 4-speed automatic, front-wheel drive
Power (hp): 65@ 4,700rpm
Torque (lb ft): 85@ 2,500rpm
MPG: Uses plenty of petrol
CO2: Who knows
First registered: 1974
Recorded mileage: 83,000miles
Price new: Before my time
Yours for: Β£16,995

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  • Esceptico 01 Dec 2018

    No idea whether the price is good or bad for such a thing but looks pretty cool to me.

  • berlintaxi 01 Dec 2018

    Much want.

  • Ahbefive 01 Dec 2018

    Zero want but it does look cool.

  • fathomfive 01 Dec 2018

    What an absolutely ace looking thing.

  • SS2. 01 Dec 2018

    My dad had one of these when I was a nipper - some sort of mustard yellow in colour. I can remember us kids arguing over whose turn it was to sit in the rear facing 'dickie seats'.

    Proper retro-cool.. smokin

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