Soft-Top Camaros Spotted At Holden Plant

The Chevrolet Camaro convertible project has been hovering perilously close to the executioner's axe for some time now, but these latest spy shots seem to be proof that the car really will become a production reality.

Latest bets are that the Camaro convertible will be ready for the 2011 model year (for that read the summer of 2010), rather than the MY 2012 that has also been mooted.

These soft-top Camaros have been spotted lined up at the Australian Fisherman's Bend Holden plant, which seems to support the idea that we will see production versions of the V6 and V8-powered muscle cars sooner rather than later.

As for right-hand-drive versions? It might be being built in Australia, but don't hold your breath...


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  • boldek1 26 Aug 2009

    yup im gonna check those options on my order sheet, unflattering silver and mud coloured rag top biggrin

  • FlashBastd 26 Aug 2009

    I am a bit confused (doesn't take much), but although I understand the Holden is GM's "centre of excellence" for RWD platform development, these cars are built in Canada, so I don't quite understand what role Holden would now be playing in the development of the convertible, especially as these vehicles appear almost production ready, suggesting the only refinements would be to trim, roof mechanism and damping, all of which would surely be undertaken in the US? Unless they are going to build the convertible in Aus on the Holden Commodore production line?

  • andy_b 26 Aug 2009

    i believe pre-productions cars were engineered and developed by Holden (as well as GM in the US), as it shares the chassis, but production of the coupe (and thus the soft top?) is in Canada.

    An American Revolution....partly designed and engineered in Australia, built in Canada LOL!

    Seen quite a few Camaro's around here (BC) and I really like it.

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  • FestivAli 27 Aug 2009

    This is nothing new. Around january I was driving through Doncaster East (Melbourne) and I saw one of the engineers driving a silver drop top camaro, top down. They weren't running camo on them. Had to say, whilst it's a big car (a lot of presence) it looked absolutely fantastic. Driver looked pretty happy either.


    (edited to add that unfortunately it was LHD)

    Edited by FestivAli on Thursday 27th August 01:18

  • SkinnyBoy 27 Aug 2009

    I worked at Holden earlier this year but got laid off in March. I got to drive these and one of the panel beaters Holden uses had 3 of them totally stripped down to bare frames so they can do the workshop manuals and subsequent engineering. All 3 went to the crusher!

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