Spotted: 2005 Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren

So: SLS AMG or McMerc? The reason we ask is that, although there are differences between the two and they were built years apart, at the moment both cars are similarly priced. Hmmm...

This 2005 Mercedes SLR McLaren turned up in our classifieds recently, priced at £157,500, which compares in cost at least to this 2010 SLS at £154,995.

Of course, one is practically new whilst the other is five years old, and the SLR has covered 6250 miles - which is low but can't compete with the SLS's...erm...30, but in terms of performance there's not much in it.

Both should hit 60mph from standstill in around 3-point-something seconds and, if the SLS wasn't limited to 197mph, there would be a fair chance that it could get somewhere near the SLR's 207mph (although some testers do report that the SLR will go faster than that).

The SLR received some criticism from observers when it was launched for a cabin which, whilst far from shoddy, didn't quite seem fitting in a car which cost a shade under £300,000. On the other hand the interior of the SLS seems to have been a hit, so it's a win for the newer car on that front. But then again the SLR was developed and built by McLaren. The debate could run for some time...

It's a tough decision that's made even tougher when you consider that this 2007 Aston Martin Vanquish S 'Ultimate Edition' (one of 50) is a realistic and exclusive alternative at £149,995.

Showing just 1600 miles, the Aston is a fast car - although not quite in the same league as the Stuttgart/Woking machines. But if you like performance to come with more than a drop of exclusivity it's worth remembering that only 20 of the 50 Ultimate Edition Astons are right-hand drive...

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Comments (64) Join the discussion on the forum

  • Numeric 19 Sep 2011

    McMerc for investment, SLS for the joy.

  • Mastodon2 19 Sep 2011

    Has to be the Mclaren Mercedes SLR for me. I love the SLS but the SLR is one of my favourite supercars of all time, even after it fell so far from the plan McLaren originally set for it.

  • chazwozza 19 Sep 2011

    As a performance machine it will never compete, but I would never hesitate to take the Aston!

  • Schnellmann 19 Sep 2011

    Depends how much money you want to lose. SLR has lost 50% from new price so perhaps the "sensible" option, although looks don't do it for me and I recall the reviews being, at best, lukewarm.

    The Vanquish S would be a good way of making yourself poorer as there are lots of others available for half the price. Of course, it has very low mileage but that means either you drive it, and watch the value drop like a stone, or you stick it in the garage and not use it (which doesn't seem very satisfying).

    Most sensible option would perhaps be to buy a used AMG Merc for a fraction of the £150k and then buy some other toys (GT3?) with the change. That way you get mega-Merc plus a proper sportscar too.

  • airportparking 19 Sep 2011

    Got to be the SLR, built by an F1 team, also I have seen many many SLS mercs but only 2 SLRs, I think it's got the better engine note and presense aswell, interior isn't that bad either

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