Spotted: 2010 Lotus Evora

A mate went to look at a 2010 Porsche Cayman 2.9 a couple of months ago. They're not the quickest car out there but he liked it and asked me if there was anything else he should look at. I suggested one of these, but before he'd even driven one he got impatient for a new toy and forked-out for the Porker.

Obviously it's not as simple as picking one or the other because each has a different focus. But a year-old Evora like this one with both the Premium and Tech packs fitted is very much removed from the raw, pared-down, carpet-less image that has accompanied Lotus since the Elise was launched, and might have proved to be a viable alternative (and - say it quietly - a quicker one too...)

The Tech Pack gives you upgraded stereo, speakers, and amps as well as DVD, MP3, USB, cruise, parking sensors and tyre pressure monitoring which would have been a £2700 option, and the Leather Premium Pack (you guessed it - leather on the console, door pockets, footwell panels, oh, and the Recaros) weighed in at a hefty £1800. All-told this car would have retailed at about £55,000 a year ago.

Since then it's done just over 6,000 miles and has just had its second service carried out by the main dealer who has also had the door handles painted (...since the pics were taken) in Starlight Black to match the body colour. They've just knocked over a grand off the price too, from £39,551 to £38,853.

I haven't driven one myself yet but colleagues tell me they're extremely good, and of course with a Toyota engine out-back it's reasonable to expect reliability along with a fair degree of comfort, although of course some will argue that a Lotus should be more of a visceral, sense-bombarding experience.

Either way, this Evora looks like interesting value, and how good does it look in that rear-three-quarter shot?

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  • AdamPT 06 Jul 2011

    I personally wouldn't spend 38k on this let alone just doesn't look special enough.

  • Mafioso 06 Jul 2011

    I have to say that it does look nice, but not at £38k!

  • Schnellmann 06 Jul 2011

    Black suits the car very well IMO. But 17k loss in value in a year quite painful. Probably got quite a lot of depreciating left to do. In two or three years will possibly be a good buy and as I don't think they are selling many it will be something different.

  • kambites 06 Jul 2011

    Personally I wouldn't pay 39k for an Evora or a Cayman. Cars this new just seem ludicrously expensive to me.

    It'll be interesting to see what happens to their value. Elises tend to level out at about half their new price but the Evora is being pitched into a much more image conscious and hence much more age conscious market.

    Edited by kambites on Wednesday 6th July 18:11

  • PhilboSE 06 Jul 2011

    Article said:
    They've just knocked over a grand off the price too, from £39,551 to £38,853.
    Knocked £698 off, in fact.

    Even as someone who ran and loved a Lotus for many years, I wouldn't take it over the Porsche. Too much depreciating still to be done, I'm afraid, and there is always the nagging doubt about WTF the factory is up to these days...

    Owning a Lotus model in which the factory have lost interest isn't the most rewarding experience...

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