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'TOO 510W': Spotted

There's more for sale on PH than just cars you know, although this plate costs more than a lot of them...

By Dafydd Wood / Wednesday, January 30, 2019

There are a lot of things you can buy in the PH classifieds for £155,000. From a manual 911 GT3, to a McLaren 570S via an AMG GT R and a Lamborghini Huracan. And that's before you get to the boats. But what if you have one of those - or maybe even one of each - already, and you need something else to spend your money on?

That's when your attention might turn to the Parts & Plates section of the site, in order to find something to adorn your car which announces to everyone that you are... Well, that rather depends on your perspective, given how polarising the subject of private plates can be. Let's just say different, it sets you and your car apart as being different to others.

There's the £50k SVJ 1, just waiting for an Aventador owner to snap it up, the always-classy 5 EXE, described opportunistically by the seller as "the ultimate Valentine's number plate", and, depending on how you look at it, the either highly motivational or aggressively demanding "LO53 FAT". What we have for you today, though, is better than all of them; in fact, it's likely one of the best private plates in the country full stop.

'TOO 510W' is brilliant for a number of reasons. For starters its meaning is immediately obvious, which can't be said of every private plate out there. Secondly it's correctly spaced, which is again a rarity. It's a legitimate plate format too, having first been registered in 1980, rather than something forced together in the name of hubris, making it cheeky without being overtly obnoxious. And it also works on almost any car, whether it's meant to taunt passers-by or lament the owner's own sluggish performance, although that seems unlikely at this money.

Even if the plate should go for its asking price of £155,000, it would still fall short of entering the top ten most expensive UK plates ever sold. The entry point for that honour is the £170,000 which a plate reading simply 'I O' sold for in 2009. It'd also be a long way short of the £440,000 paid by Kahn Design owner Afzal Kahn for 'F1' in 2008, and light years away from the £6 million and £14.7 million sums he subsequently declined and then listed it for sale at. For pub quiz reference purposes, the current most valuable UK registration is the '25 O' plate which identifies Eric Clapton's Ferrari 250 SWB, a snip at £518,000.

Even those incredible sums can't match the global capital of wealth-flaunting one-upmanship, though, UAE resident Saeed Abdul Ghafour Khouri having spent an astronomical 52.2m dirham (around £7m at the time) to have nothing by the number one on the back of his, presumably incredibly expensive, car. As for us, we'd be more than happy with TOO 510W, although we expect it might move rather too fast for us to save up the money...

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