You Know You Want To... Harrier Jump Jet

Fancy having your own ex-RAF Harrier Jump Jet? Of course you do. And what if we said that you could buy one for the price of a moderately specified new 911? You'd probably be on the phone trying to arrange the finance.

Well, get ready to apply for that loan, or remortgage the semi, because Harrier XW269, a rare two-seat first-generation trainer is currently up for grabs on a certain well-known auction site for a starting bid of £69,999.

But before you start envisaging a rather more rapid VTOL daily commute, we should warn you that this is a static display aircraft that was last flown in 1997.

It does have quite a lot of its original kit, however, including a front cockpit that's around 80 per cent complete, and which retains its Martin Baker ejection seat. It has also had a Full Repaint in early Harrier 3 tone camouflage finish with 4 Squadron Markings (the squadron with which it originally served).

We reckon that this would make a cracking lawn ornament, (we doubt you'd have a coffee table large enough to display it). But if you fancy getting your hands on a Harrier we suggest you get a bid in soon - The vendor tells us this is the only two seat example for sale anywhere in the World. He's also had interest from the BBC and Sky News - so it might even be sold by now...

P.H. O'meter

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  • PSBuckshot 03 Feb 2011

    I'd like to see next doors face if I parked that in front of my little Punto laugh

  • lordturpin 03 Feb 2011

    I want !

  • LukeSi 03 Feb 2011

    That would make the neighbours kids shut up. "RIGHT YOU LOT SHUT IT OR A START DROPPING BOMBS."

  • attym3 03 Feb 2011

    Maybe JC could add to his collection.


  • Tyre Tread 03 Feb 2011

    I know I can't fly it but is the engine still serviceable? nuts

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